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Magnetic Flooring 101


Magnetic flooring solutions from Metroflor make it easier than ever before to modify or upgrade your flooring. With traditional flooring installation methods, changing your home or business’s flooring required extensive time, money, effort, and clean-up. The straight-forward and intuitive magnetic installation method allows you to replace and update your floor’s design as much as you like with little hassle.

What Is Magnetic Flooring?

Unlike traditional flooring, which often involves adhesives and meticulous glue-down methods, installing Metroflor’s magnetic flooring technology (also known as “Attraxion”) is as simple as attaching vinyl planks and tiles to a free-floating magnetic underlayment. This new method has revolutionized floor installation, significantly cutting down on the stress and mess involved with glue-down flooring to the benefit of homeowners, businesses, and contractors.

The flooring industry has suffered from a substantial shortage of installers since 2018, but it has worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic. The intense physical demand of the job can cut many flooring installers’ careers short. Because of this, many home and business owners have experienced long scheduling delays while trying to replace their flooring.

Greater adoption of magnetic flooring may help remedy the shortage. Traditional glue-down installation is a lengthy process, from applying the adhesive underlay and waiting for it to dry (known as “flashing” to the trade) to attaching the planks and rolling to secure them.

In contrast, all that’s required to install magnetic flooring is rolling out the magnetic underlay and then placing the flooring on top. You don’t have to apply glue or waste time waiting for it to dry with a magnetic underlay, nor do you have to make extra effort to fasten the boards. Once they’re magnetically attached, they’ll remain firmly in place until they’re peeled off and replaced. The magnetic underlayment doesn’t need to be replaced in the future if you want to switch out flooring styles or designs, making modifications or replacement even easier than the initial installation.

You can see for yourself the massive difference between the time it takes to install glue-down flooring versus magnetic flooring with our Attraxion technology in our video here.

As a result, magnetic flooring dramatically reduces the work contractors have to do, potentially extending many flooring careers and preventing long delays. At Metroflor, our Attraxion technology will ensure any changes you make to your floors are completed seamlessly and with minimal stress so you can enjoy your home or business’s new flooring sooner.

How to Use Magnetic Flooring

First and foremost, make sure the subfloor is clean, dry, and level beforehand, as any irregularities can impact the effectiveness of the magnetic bond.

Once the subfloor is appropriately prepared, align the magnetic underlayment with the subfloor’s edges and place the magnetic flooring material directly on top perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic underlay. The magnetized underlayment and the flooring material backing will attract each other, creating a consistent and reliable connection across the flooring’s surface.

Press the flooring material into place, trim any excess material along the edges as needed to ensure a clean and polished look and you’re done.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic flooring allows homeowners and business owners to easily disassemble and reposition their flooring. With a magnetic underlayment, you don’t have to spend copious amounts of time and money updating your flooring. You can tweak your floor for your favorite holiday, show your teams colors for the big game, or just change it up because. Changing Attraxion’s planks or tiles is easy enough you don’t need an excuse. Just pull them up from the magnetic underlayment and place down the new planks or tiles. Alternatively, if parts of your floor have been damaged, you can easily replace those sections with little effort.

Since magnetic flooring eliminates the need for adhesives, there’s almost nothing to clean up after installation, so homeowners and business owners can avoid the time and stress of cleanup after reflooring. The absence of adhesives also reduces the release of dangerous chemicals, such as VOCs, helping to keep you breathing easier in your home or business.

It’s important to note that some scenarios may require more traditional flooring methods. In particular, if your commercial flooring supports heavy equipment or furniture, the strength and durability of glue-down flooring may work better than magnetic flooring. A flooring specialist can evaluate your home or business and help you decide which type of flooring material will best suit your needs.

Upgrade Your Flooring with Luxurious and Visually Impactful Luxury Vinyl Without Breaking the Bank

In addition to Attraxion magnetic flooring, Metroflor offers a range of flooring types and installation methods to fit any space and enhance the beauty of your home or business.

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