Our Story


Metroflor is an American company and a global manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring and a leader in design, quality, performance and value. Continuously building on the foundation of a century’s worth of industry revolutionizing innovations, we are relentless in our pursuit of being better every single day. Better in service to each other and responding to our customers. Better at anticipating and solving consumer flooring needs with continued innovation. Better at improving life in our communities and protecting life on our planet.

We are a proud member of the HMTX Industries family of companies.


We make LVT flooring. It’s all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. At Metroflor, we offer one of the flooring industry’s widest range of products in multiple LVT categories including:


These are the principles that drive our business, shape our culture and impact the work we do every single day. I guess you could say it’s the Metroflor way

Put people first.
We care for our colleagues and customers as if the life of our company depends on them. Because it does.

Floor somebody everyday.
We consider each human encounter or product we create an opportunity to make someone else feel or live a little better. Our designs should make people say “Wow,” our products should withstand the toughest conditions and our service should make people feel warm and fuzzy.

Interact, don’t transact.
Knowing we don’t earn loyalty by making sales, we build and nurture relationships by asking, listening, responding and serving. We seek first to understand…then, to be understood.

Do the right thing.
If we say it, we stand behind it. If it doesn’t work, we fix it. Where there is dissatisfaction, we take action. We honor our customers by acting with integrity. Always.

Care about our planet and communities.
We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our planet and our place in it through sustainability, transparency, innovation and industry leadership and with a company-wide commitment to fight social injustice wherever we encounter it.

Take fun seriously.
Understanding life is short and there aren’t many flooring tragedies, we believe in being serious about what we do but not taking ourselves too seriously while doing it.


Make sure that WHAT YOU STAND ON IS WHAT WE STAND FOR. This is our reason for being in business. It conveys what we stand for in historical, ethical, emotional, and practical terms. Our purpose is a higher-order reason for existence that goes beyond making money and adds value to society.

We are unlike any other flooring company.