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Feb 21, 2024 | Design Trends

How to Bring Art into Your Living Spaces


Art – paintings, sculptures and even prints from local artists – can transform your home. A piece of art can infuse any room with palpable movement, creating rhythm in the space that can make it feel more alive and cohesive. It can also enhance a room’s color and texture, making it more dynamic and exciting. Art creates a focal point that pulls your furniture, decor and even flooring together to balance the room.

Homeowners who are worried their decor feels mismatched can tie it all together with the right artwork – even when it isn’t used as a statement piece. However, the wrong piece of art can break a room. If it doesn’t match your room’s primary or secondary colors, overwhelms the room in size or is poorly lit, it can create a chaotic home environment that can stress out homeowners.

How Do You Design a Room Around a Work of Art?


The center of the artwork should be at eye level, which is usually around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. Where you hang your art is just as important as what you hang. For example, if you have a room with high ceilings, hanging a painting mid-level and pairing it with lower furniture can create a necessary balance.

Size and Scale

Balance your artwork with your wall space and the furniture around it. A large painting might overwhelm a small room, while a small piece can disappear on a big wall, losing its impact.


Adhere to a strict color palette. Choose art that complements your room’s dominant color or nicely contrasts it, such as yellow and green or blue and orange, or decorate with an accent color from the artwork. If it’s a painting, ensure the frame also fits the room.


Balance and asymmetry go hand-in-hand – perfect can quickly become boring. The same applies to your interior design. In addition to contrasting color and scale, if your central artwork is traditional, you may want to add some modern decor, or vice versa, to enhance the room’s depth. Generally speaking, you should aim for 20 percent contrast to your room’s overall theme.


Mix and match textures with the artwork. For example, if the art has a zig-zag flow, match it with a herringbone pattern LVP floor or contrast it with luxury vinyl plank that accurately mimics smooth wood flooring to add dimension to the space.


You may inadvertently reduce the impact of a beautiful art piece if you can’t see it due to bad lighting. You should ensure the artwork and its wall space have adequate, non-natural lighting that highlights its details and enhances its presence. Take care to avoid direct sun exposure, which can damage the artwork and cause it to fade over time.

Different Art Styles for Art-Inspired Interiors

  • Impressionism: Pastel color palette, natural and minimalist decor and soft lighting with an impressionist painting or artwork with natural motifs.
  • Minimalism: Clean lines, simple shapes, and a neutral color palate with a colorful art piece to contrast.
  • Abstract: Sharp lines, sleek furniture and bold colors that complement an abstract painting or sculpture.
  • Art Deco[1] : Big furniture, geometric patterns and dramatic lighting with a vibrant print or a metallic sculpture.
  • Hollywood Regency: Bright colors, eclectic furniture that combines old Europe with modern-day and layered textures with a statement piece.

Stylish and Versatile

What if you don’t enjoy the piece in the future as much as you do now, or what if you find a piece you like better? It can be detrimental to be overly eccentric with your home design. You want to ensure that even if you remove the artwork, the decor still works together.

One element we can ensure will always fit is your flooring. At Metroflor, our LVP flooring options are versatile and stylish, offering a vast selection of designs, colors, and patterns to enhance your interior design. Many of our luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile home flooring lines offer easy and fast installation methods so changing the style requires less of an investment.

With Metroforms LVP and its Attraxion magnetic installation technology, , you can design your room with a bold pattern that fits a piece of art and swap it out for something more subtle later in less time than floor replacement typically takes.

Luxury Vinyl Plank That’s Easy-to-Install and Accurately Mimics Wood Flooring

At Metroflor, our Déjà New LVP magnetic flooring offerings are durable and comfortable, safeguarded by a robust surface finish to protect against scratches and resistant to fading and stains. With 38 color options and a natural resistance to water damage or mold growth, these are floors you can depend on for long-term functionality and style.

Browse our vast flooring selection today and learn more about why we are the top luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring manufacturer in the industry.

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