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Mar 15, 2024 | Design Trends

Are There Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?


Yes. Although Farmhouse style is rooted in the centuries-old simplicity and functionality of rural homes, it has been recently revitalized. Many homeowners are adopting this trend – not only because it creates a warm and inviting interior, but also because it pays homage to American tradition with simple decor and a neutral color palette.

The latest revival of the trend has turned farmhouse into more of an umbrella term. How one homeowner defines farmhouse style can be entirely different from how another homeowner does. As a result, farmhouse is now composed of numerous other trends that you can use to personalize the aesthetic to suit your design preferences

What Are the Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?


Colonial farmhouse style, otherwise known as the original, traditional farmhouse style, can be embodied by a neutral color palette, vintage decor with simple lines and light hardwood floors. This design style is ideal for those who love older home designs and want their home to exude a feeling of a simpler and cozier past.


Rustic concentrates on the rugged, lived-in aspect of the farmhouse style. This design focuses heavily on exposed and distressed wood, prioritizing function over fashion – but not ignoring aesthetic considerations. Homeowners can decorate with handcrafted furniture and an earthy color palette.


Modern farmhouse style seamlessly incorporates old and new into a clean and inviting living space. It combines the characteristics of farmhouse styles – exposed wood and muted colors – with modern sensibilities, including sharp and clean lines, metal accents and edited statement pieces. If you’re intrigued by the farmhouse style but want to keep your interiors fresh and sophisticated, this aesthetic is the compromise you’ve been looking for.

Some homeowners have combined rustic and modern into one aesthetic – rustic modern farmhouse – which blends luxury antiques with tactile raw materials to create a stunning contrast.

French Country

Provincial and cozy maximalism at its finest, the French country farmhouse style infuses handcrafted aesthetics with a sense of drama. It’s characterized by plush furnishings, floral arrangements, and light wood floors to complement the light wood accents. French country farmhouse is great for homeowners who want their home to have a rustic European charm that the traditional farmhouse style doesn’t provide.


While modern farmhouse uses metal sparingly to emphasize a home’s modernity, industrial farmhouse utilizes an abundance of it. Raw materials are central. Ruggedly modern, this trend employs black metal or iron accents, exposed brick walls, thick wooden beams, and dark hardwood floors.


Farmhouse doesn’t always have to mean country. Coastal farmhouse features brighter colors compared to its counterparts, including a blue, green, and gray palette, soft patterns, polished chrome details and sun-washed wood. Light and airy, coastal farmhouse will make your home feel like a beach getaway, breathing fresh air into your home.


For minimalist homeowners, the Scandinavian farmhouse style will help you design your home with a cozy, rustic focus without littering your space. This trend utilizes clean lines, muted colors, preserved woodwork and a surplus of plants to create a cohesive oasis, maximizing your comfort and your space while minimizing clutter.

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Are There Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?

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Are There Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?

Yes. Although farmhouse style is rooted in the centuries-old simplicity and functionality of rural homes,…