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LVT 101 | What You Should Know About Metroflor LVT

Those who want the look and feel of natural flooring material without the hefty price tag are in luck. Thanks to advancements in flooring technologies, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is currently the fastest growing market segment in the flooring industry and is becoming the top choice in flooring for both residential and commercial buildings with Metroflor LVT leading the way. What you may not realize, however, is that LVT has actually been around for decades. Norman Stone, founder of Halstead International, developed the LVT category and opened the first LVT plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, back in 1973. In 1990, Halstead International acquired the Metroflor brand and has been advancing the category ever since. With remarkable durability, easy installation, and a high-end look, it is no wonder why so many consumers are choosing LVT over other flooring options.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT, is a flooring option that manages to replicate the look of stone, wood, or ceramic tile. While it was once seen only in commercial applications, LVT is now beginning to make its way into residential homes as well. This is because homeowners are realizing that they too can achieve the stunning look of natural flooring without the excessive overhead costs of maintenance and installation. How it’s Made There are a few different ways to make LVT, but Metroflor Corporation uses an innovative layered production process to achieve the beautiful results that are seen in their products. Here is a breakdown of the production process for Metroflor LVT:
  • The vinyl base layer is produced through a process called “calendering” and offers stability and flexibility.
  • Next, the decorative vinyl design layers are cut to size and laid onto the base layer. The sandwich is then enclosed inside embossing plates and placed into a hot or cold press.
  • When the sandwich comes out of the press, it is stabilized through a series of hot and cold water baths.
  • From this stage, LVT can be either cut and packaged, milled and packaged, or adhered to a structural core.
Luxury Vinyl Tile Options Metroflor LVT comes in many different styles, colors, and designs that will match any décor. From sleek marble stone to a beautiful cherry hardwood floor, the extensive range in LVT flooring options can’t be beat. Buyers can even install Metroflor LVT floors with or without grout, depending on their aesthetic preferences.

Metroflor LVTAdvantages and Disadvantages of LVT

A luxurious look at an affordable cost—nothing is more appealing to the budget-savvy homeowner or business owner. While LVT offers many undeniable advantages over other flooring options, there are also some disadvantages as well: Advantages Durability: Originally made for commercial applications, LVT flooring is able to stand up to serious foot traffic and is made to last. Homeowners won’t have to worry about scratches that are common in real hardwood floors. Some LVT flooring, such as Metroflor’s Engage Genesis, is even 100% waterproof, increasing the rigidity and strength of the flooring in your home. Easy installation and maintenance: LVT can be easily installed over many different substrates with little effort because the material can snap together or be glued down. Maintenance is a breeze as well, with just some regular sweeping and mopping. Lower cost: LVT is generally cheaper than real stone or ceramic tile flooring, but manages to appear as authentic as natural flooring materials. Warmer and softer under your feet: Natural stone and wood can feel cold to the touch, but luxury vinyl tile is much warmer and quieter underneath your feet. Disadvantages Buyers need to beware: In order to ensure that consumers are purchasing high-quality LVT, it is important to do research and choose the LVT specialists that know the ropes of the LVT flooring industry. Otherwise, buyers may end up with a poor quality product.

Is Metroflor LVT Right For You?

The affordability, easy maintenance, and authentic look of luxury vinyl tile makes it one of the fastest growing trends in the flooring industry. If you are looking for the perfect flooring for your home or office building, browse through Metroflor’s high quality LVT flooring products and simply click the “Dealer Location” button at the top of the product page to locate a dealer near you.

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