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Narrowed your choices, but just can’t decide? We’ll make it easy on you. Just order samples of your favorite floors, and we ship them to you, via UPS Carbon Neutral shipping. You can view the samples in your home, with your furnishings, in your lighting so you can make the perfect choice of the perfect floor. Simply click the order sample button and then go to the shopping cart to check out. Don’t worry. The samples are always free and we’ll even take care of the shipping.

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We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

We are dedicated to protecting our planet and our place in it through sustainability, transparency, and product safety, balanced with a commitment to fairness and social justice.

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Made with Sustainability in Mind

No heavy metal

No heavy metals

All of Metroflor's products are free of heavy metals.

Phthalate free

Phthalate Free

All of Metroflor's products are phthalate free, a harmful plasticizer.

No Formaldehyde Round ICON

Formaldehyde Free

All of Metroflor's products are Formaldehyde free.

Low voc

Low VOCs

All of Metroflor's products are manufactured producing low VOCs.

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Do you have a new Metroflor floor and wondering "how do I care for it?" We've got you covered! For every new Metroflor floor owner that registers their flooring purchase, we'll provide them with a free floor care kit which includes Prevail Neutral Cleaner and Prevail Scratch Remover.

In addition to these items, you'll receive a 10% discount to purchase more Prevail products!

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All About Meaningful Living

Metroflor 2023 Trend Report

This overarching theme of meaningful living is also impacting current and future interior design trends. For many of us, our homes are no longer bleak places to crash after a busy day of work or clutter with meaningless possessions.

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INC INC20059 PBPAD Rushmore waterproof
Met Stone 9632 GE24 Uptown WP
Gen 8003 Creek RS WP
INC INC20052 PBPAD Colosseum RS WP
Met Stone 9620 GE32 Graphite WP


Waterproof Functionality

Waterproof floors are the most sought after floors today and range from rigid core SPC and WPC floating floors to glue-free flexible magnetic floors.

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What Color Floors Work in Modern Farmhouse Styles in 2024?

What Color Floors Work in Modern Farmhouse Styles in 2024?

The modern farmhouse style, a cherished design trend combining rustic charm with contemporary simplicity, is ever-evolving. In 2024, we see a distinct shift towards lighter and more varied flooring options. Whether you're renovating your entire home or simply updating a room, selecting the right floor color can dramatically influence your space's overall aesthetic. Here's a guide to help you stay informed and navigate the popular flooring trends for modern farmhouse styles in 2024.

Step into Spring: Revitalize Your Interior Design with Fresh Flooring Choices

Step into Spring: Revitalize Your Interior Design with Fresh Flooring Choices

Refresh your home for spring by infusing it with vibrant colors, trendy elements, and a sense of renewal. From embracing soft pastels to incorporating nature-inspired decor, discover how to create a light and airy atmosphere that reflects the beauty of the season. Enhance your space with sustainable touches and lightweight fabrics for a rejuvenating oasis. Don't forget the importance of flooring - choose luxury vinyl for both style and practicality, with innovative options like magnetic flooring for easy updates. Explore Metroflor's wide range of designs to elevate your spring refresh and beyond.

Are There Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?

Are There Different Types of Farmhouse Styles?

Yes. Although farmhouse style is rooted in the centuries-old simplicity and functionality of rural homes, it has been recently revitalized. Many homeowners are adopting this trend – not only because it creates a warm and inviting interior, but also because it pays homage to American tradition with simple decor and a neutral color palette.