At Metroflor, we care about our planet and communities. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our planet and our place in it through sustainability, transparency, innovation and industry leadership and with a company-wide commitment to fight social injustice wherever we see it.

We believe that by being responsive to our customers and the earth, and delivering innovative, responsibly manufactured products known for quality, beauty and durability, we will continue to build our reputation as a manufacturer for flooring products that enhances the lives of our customers.

Did you know that....

Phthalate free

Phthalate Free

ALL Metroflor products are Phthalate Free, a harmful plasticizer.

Low voc

Low VOCs

ALL Metroflor products are manufactured producing low or no VOCs.

No heavy metal

No Heavy Metals

ALL Metroflor products are free of heavy metals.

No Formaldehyde Round ICON

Formaldehyde Free

ALL Metroflor products are formaldehyde-free.

Flame Retardant Round ICON

Flame Retardant Free

ALL Metroflor products are flame retardant-free.


CDPH Compliant

ALL Metroflor products are CDPH (California Department of Public Health) compliant.


All of Metroflor’s rigid core SPC and WPC floors are ASSURE CERTIFIED. ASSURE is the most comprehensive standard for indoor air quality, product ingredients safety, and product performance for rigid core floors.

ASSURE, third-party verified by SCS Global Services, tests for: Indoor Air Quality, phthalates, heavy metals, and 16 different ASTM quality and performance standards. You can rest easy with an ASSURE CERTIFIED™ flooring purchase for product ingredients safety, quality and performance. You are making a responsible and smart purchase when you buy an ASSURE CERTIFIED floor.


The safety of your home and workplace is of utmost importance and Metroflor ensures the indoor air quality your space with FloorScore certification. FloorScore is third-party verified by SCS Global Services and certifies indoor air quality for hard surface flooring products, adhesives, and underlayments to ensure they are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality emissions standards. All Metroflor branded products are FloorScore certified and comply with California Prop 65 indoor air quality requirements.


At Metroflor, we recognize that everything we do can have an impact, good or bad, on the changing climate and we want to what we can to minimize our impact. One way we do that is by shipping all of Metroflor samples and Prevail accessories via UPS Carbon Neutral as standard practice. A portion of the cost to ship UPS Carbon Neutral supports global projects that offset the carbon contribution of shipping.

Carbon neutral shipping of our product samples and accessories helps fight climate change and preserve natural resources. The UPS Carbon Neutral program reduces the carbon footprint for Metroflor and our customers


Metroflor and HMTX Industries have taken a leadership stance in the area of LVT product transparency. We're committed to ensuring end-users have the information they need to make informed decisions about our products and actively support the Declare product ingredient transparency platform. Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have also been published for a wide range of our products.


Metroflor has Declare labels for all of our 20 mil commercially rated LVT floors. Declare labels are the equivalent of nutrition labels for food products – they list all ingredients used in a product. This label requires that Metroflor’s raw material suppliers are meeting the same stringent guidelines as required by Declare. Declare is one example of Metroflor’s transparency with consumers and end-users sharing a depth of information about our products that few other manufacturers match.

Visit the Declare website, click Manufacturer, the select Metroflor Corporation to view the currently available Declare labels for Metroflor products.

Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard provides a framework for product manufacturers and their ingredient suppliers to report and disclose information about products and associated health information. A report published in compliance with the HPD Open Standard is referred to as a completed "Health Product Declaration," or "HPD."

HPDs have become more and more common among flooring manufacturers, including Metroflor, as commercial architects and designers have embraced them and request HPDs from manufacturers on behalf of their clients to ensure the health and wellness of building occupants.

Metroflor supports the HPD-Collaborative and publishes HPD’s for a wide array of commercial-oriented products in Genesis, Inception, Metroflor LVT, Attraxion, and Artistek product lines.

Visit the HPD Public Repository to download HPD’s available for Metroflor’s flooring products.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental Product Declarations (EDPs) report the life cycle of a product in one comprehensive report. The EPD provides information about the products impact upon the environment such as pollution potentials, ozone depletions, climate change potential, among other things. EPDs allow the end user to make an informed decision to better understand the sustainable qualities and possible repercussions of a product they are choosing for their project.

Metroflor has a wide array of EPDs including Metroflor LVT Déjà New, Over the Top, Attraction, Metroforms, and Genesis 2000 collections.

Visit the Technical Downloads section to download EPD’s available for Metroflor’s flooring products.


People before profits. Family first. These are a values of our parent company, HMTX Industries, and Metroflor. Our concern for the well-being of our employees and communities is paramount. One way we measure ourselves is through JUST, a transparency platform by the International Living Future Institute that HMTX Industries uses to disclose our operations, our treatment of employees, and our financial and community investments. HMTX Industries has earned the JUST designation for all US facilities. JUST provides our customers with the peace of mind that we are a responsible manufacturer that treats our employees with respect and fairness and that we are good stewards of our communities.

Visit the JUST website to view the HMTX Industries JUST data.

We highlight all our initiates in the Metroflor Sustainability Guide.