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Jan 18, 2024 | Design Trends

What Is Art Deco Interior Design and What Flooring Is Best to Complement It?


The phrase “Less is more” isn’t usually applied to Art Deco. More is more with the interior design trend that characterized the 1920s and continues to influence modern design trends with its big and uproarious ideas. Art Deco questions why elegance is often synonymous with tradition. Instead, the interior design trend revels in being anti-traditional, focusing on vibrant colors, bold geometry and loud details.

What Is Art Deco?

The quickest way to explain what Art Deco would be to clarify what it isn’t. For starters, it isn’t minimalist; in fact, Art Deco is an antithesis of minimalism. While the Art Nouveau movement that was popular shortly before Art Deco’s inception focused on nature-inspired and minimalist design, Art Deco was conceived with a love for man-made maximalism. The trend celebrated the era’s chic modernity in combination with its mechanical revolution – from the radio to the mass production and sale of automobiles. It emphasized sleek metallics, bright colors reminiscent of jewels and bold patterns with sharp, geometrical lines.

Art Deco isn’t necessarily as theatrical as Hollywood Regency. Although the two styles can be combined to make a room more dramatic, Art Deco’s opulence is grounded in history, while Hollywood Regency seeks to replicate the unreal, over-the-top home sets created for the big screen.

Art Deco was influenced by avant-garde art movements at the time like Cubism and Futurism, but it wasn’t considered experimental or ultra-modern. It wasn’t ahead of its time – it was strictly defined by its time. And yet the style is (paradoxically) timeless, continuing to influence interior design and many other forms of art with its bold and angular motifs to this day.

How to Use Art Deco-Style in Your Home

  • Geometric Patterns: Anything from trapezoidal and chevron patterns to a simple zig-zag can give a room depth and impact.
  • Incorporate Linear Lines: Decorate with clean and linear lines – such as selecting furniture with simple designs – to enhance the room’s architecture while maintaining its flow.
  • Big Furniture: Large armchairs and dressers will give your room the opulent, larger-than-life energy of the Roaring ‘20s.
  • Metallics: Utilize gold, silver, and chrome in big and small pieces of your home. Be sure to mix and match cohesively, such as choosing a dominant metal to prioritize when selecting decor.
  • Dramatic Lighting: While Art Deco isn’t staged like Hollywood Regency, it does still possess some drama, especially with its lighting. Opt for lights with bold angles and metallics.
  • Vibrant Colors: Don’t be afraid of saturated color. Decorate with intensity, utilizing sharp blacks and bright teals while mixing in taupes and beiges to keep the room sophisticated, preventing it from looking busy.
  • High-Contrast Between Walls and Floors: Similarly, you don’t have to limit your use of color and contrast to your decor. Contrast your walls and floors to make the room pop. For example, you can transition from white walls to dark hardwood floors (or vice versa) like a chessboard to imbue any room with drama.

You can change the color, pattern and even core material of your floor easily with Metroflor’s luxury vinyl floors. Homeowners can update their old flooring with luxury vinyl plank (LVP) that accurately replicates the appearance of hardwood floors creating a herringbone pattern easily, or choose a checkered pattern by incorporating a luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Realistic-Looking Luxury Vinyl Plank Accurately Mimics Wood Flooring to Complement Your Art Deco Design

Metroflor’s luxury vinyl floors are versatile and stylish, offering a vast selection of designs, colors, and patterns to enhance your Art Deco interior design. Receive a free sample of our flooring options at no additional cost with our nationwide shipping. Browse our floors today.

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