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Feb 14, 2020 | Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic Flooring Installation and Why It’s Great for Your Business


Flooring is one of those industries that has been around for pretty much as long as people have been building homes. It’s not every day something has a potential to revolutionize a tried-and-true product and process that mankind has gotten down to a science. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we’ve recently seen such an advancement – magnetic flooring installation.

What Is Magnetic Flooring?

The magnetic underlayment, which is approximately one millimeter thick, is available in three-foot wide rolls for 100 square feet. This underlayment, which is just over half a pound per square foot, can be rolled out over the subfloor and is held down by its own weight. No nailing or gluing is required.

The underside of the plank or tile flooring must be equipped with receptive layer. There are products that let you apply such a layer to traditional hardwood or tiles, but Attraxion luxury vinyl tiles and planks offered by Metroflor have the specialized ferrite powder injected into the bottommost layer already.

Flooring that has the receptive coating or ferrite powder baked in can simply snap on to the magnetic underlayment, securing it in place.

The Benefits of Magnetic Flooring Over Adhesive Applications

  • Less labor required to install
  • Much faster installation or replacement
  • Unparalleled strength and stability, especially in high-traffic commercial environments
  • No traditional underlayment installation necessary
  • Magnetic underlayment only needs to be installed once and can be reused with future magnetic flooring styles

The affordability, aesthetics and quality of Metroflor’s LVT and LVP aren’t the only benefits the Attraxion magnetic flooring products offer.

There’s been a real, legitimate concern about how physically taxing traditional flooring is on the body. There are few professions that live up to the “back breaking labor” cliché quite like flooring due to the repetitive motions required to install traditional flooring. Magnetic flooring is much faster, easier and puts far less stress on flooring installers. Magnetic flooring lets the experts finish more jobs faster with less pain and soreness afterwards.

Another problem that’s received more attention in recent decades are the dangers posed by VOCs, especially when it comes to the traditional adhesives used to install many types of flooring. Attraxion magnetic attachment flooring is much safer from an indoor air quality standpoint.

When it comes time to replace your flooring, traditional latex-based adhesive methods can result in an uneven mess when removed from the underlayment. Pulling up a luxury vinyl plank that’s been secured with adhesive will leave the back of the plank covered with adhesive residue on it. The plank will require time-consuming cleaning before it can be recycled, and the subfloor may require additional smoothing and touch up before new flooring can be installed.

With a magnetic floor there is no adhesive and no mess. New LVT or LVP can be put down right away without having to smooth, recoat or otherwise modify the magnetic underlayment layer. Magnetic flooring can be easily uplifted, stored or recycled and replaced with a new magnetic LVT or LVP flooring without all the extra hassle.

Despite what some hardcore adherents to traditional flooring installation would lead you to believe, there is no risk posed to computers, smartphones, tablets or pacemakers from magnetic flooring. Not only is the magnetic underlayment safe, it also acts as an effective moisture barrier and crack suppressant membrane, reducing the risk for potential damage.

Attraxion by Metroflor – Magnetic Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile

While the ease and affordability of magnetic flooring puts it a step ahead of adhesive and nail-based installation methods, there’s also a significant quality bonus for customers using the specially constructed Attraxion LVT and LVP products. They’re constructed with five distinct layers that contribute to their aesthetic beauty, durability and overall quality:

  1. The topmost layer of Attraxion luxury vinyl products is the unique FX3 Surface Protectant™. This advanced polymer finish, which is treated with Ultra-Fresh to inhibit mold and mildew growth, possesses unparalleled abrasion resistance and stain repellent qualities.
  2. Below the top layer of protection is a clear vinyl wear layer to provide even more resistance to scuffs and abrasions for high-traffic areas.
  3. After the transparent wear layers comes a high-resolution printed decorative film that realistically mimics a variety of wood or tile styles.
  4. Underneath all that are a number of compressed vinyl cores along with the specialized ingredients that allow the tiles and planks to snap on and adhere to the magnetic underlayment.

Enjoy Unparalleled Flooring Performance

If you’re ready to upgrade your floors to a durable, long lasting and easy-to-install flooring solution, you really can’t go wrong with the magnetic LVP and LVT flooring options in the Attraxion line of flooring from Metroflor. Browse our website to learn more and to find a dealer and installation professional near you.

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