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Behind the Design of Inception Reserve™


Imagine flooring that not only enhances your home but also exudes timeless elegance. Inception Reserve, Metroflor’s latest collection of premium waterproof luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring, offers this and more. From its captivating patterns and natural finishes to its practicality for various household settings, Inception Reserve combines the elements of meaningful living with five of the leading interior design trends we see today.

Capturing Nature's Patterns and Textures

Inception Reserve presents a captivating collection consisting of two unique designs, each boasting a palette of six colors. What sets these designs apart is their meticulous craftsmanship, featuring Embossed in Register (EIR) textures. These exceptional textures accurately mimic the natural grain pattern of wood, resulting in an ambiance that's both inviting and authentic.

The two designs of Inception Reserve are Wellness Oak and Family Oak, and they include 12 unique colors:

  • Swing Oak
  • Cloudless Oak
  • Patio Oak
  • Lakeside Oak
  • Pergola Oak
  • Treehouse Oak
  • Rural Oak
  • Meadow Oak
  • Orchard Oak
  • Field Oak
  • Forest Oak
  • Garden Oak

Cozy Cottage Trend: The Essence of Home

The Cozy Cottage trend has gained immense popularity for its ability to create warm, inviting spaces where families and guests can unwind comfortably. It's all about fostering a sense of home and relaxation. Enter "Wellness Oak," a design from Inception Reserve that harmonizes perfectly with the Cozy Cottage trend.

What makes Wellness Oak (i.e., Swing Oak, Cloudless Oak, Patio Oak, Lakeside Oak, Pergola Oak, Treehouse Oak) a standout choice for this trend is its rustic allure. With subtle vertical cross grain saw marks and a range of beautiful, natural hues, it effortlessly embodies the "loved and lived-in" aesthetic, making it the ideal flooring for creating a homey atmosphere.

Farmhouse Natural Trend: Modern Sophistication Meets Tradition

The Farmhouse Natural trend strikes a balance between modern sophistication and traditional charm. It prioritizes clean lines and refinement while still paying homage to rustic roots. In the Inception Reserve collection, Family Oak encapsulates the essence of this trend beautifully.

Family Oak (i.e., Rural Oak, Meadow Oak, Orchard Oak, Field Oak, Forest Oak, Garden Oak) offers a sophisticated and clean appearance while retaining a hint of pastoral character. It's a flooring choice that complements the Farmhouse Natural trend seamlessly, making it an ideal fit for those seeking a family-friendly atmosphere without excessive embellishments.

Durability and Effortless Maintenance

Both patterns in the Inception Reserve collection are well-suited for active households. Whether you have a bustling family or are a passionate home chef, these floors are up to the task. An added benefit is the attached pad, which not only reduces sound but also provides a comfortable cushion underfoot.

Maintaining the pristine appearance of Inception Reserve is a breeze. A simple damp mop is all that's needed to keep them clean, thanks to the FX2 Surface Protectant. This protective layer acts as a shield against stains, scuffs and marks, ensuring your floors retain their impeccable look even during the busiest of days.

To ensure your Inception Reserve flooring maintains its timeless beauty for years to come, follow these easy maintenance tips:

  1. For regular cleaning, use a soft, damp mop or a microfiber cloth to gently remove dust and debris. Avoid abrasive cleaners or excessive water, as these can potentially harm the finish.
  2. Place doormats at entrances to minimize dirt and grit being tracked onto the floor.
  3. Consider using furniture pads under heavy items to prevent scratches.
  4. While Inception Reserve is highly resistant to stains, it's still a good practice to promptly clean up spills to prevent any potential long-term discoloration.

Convenience Right at Your Doorstep

Inception Reserve goes beyond aesthetics; it prioritizes convenience. Metroflor has introduced a program for distributors to ensure that all 12 colors of Inception Reserve are readily available at flooring retailers across the country. This means you can acquire the flooring you desire for your home swiftly and effortlessly.

Elevate your living space with Inception Reserve and immerse yourself in a world of enduring beauty, functionality and ease. It’s time to transform your home into a haven of style and comfort with Metroflor’s new Inception Reserve collection.

To learn more about our newest residential and commercial flooring products, browse our website or contact a dealer near you.

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