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Jan 27, 2023 | Design Trends

Metroflor’s 2023 Interior Trends: All About Meaningful Living


When the 2020 pandemic forced the world to hunker down at home, no one knew this unprecedented isolation would open our eyes to the beauty of a slower, simpler, and ultimately more meaningful life. Almost three years later, those budding insights have now evolved into ongoing trends, inspiring people to embrace more meaningful living.

Gone are the days of living to work while missing out on meaningful life experiences like travel and hobbies. Instead, more and more people are recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing personal interests, relationships, and their health over the gradually fading hustle culture.

This overarching theme of meaningful living is also impacting current and future interior design trends. For many of us, our homes are no longer bleak places to crash after a busy day of work or clutter with meaningless possessions. Instead, we’re making a conscious effort to design interior spaces that foster calmness, simplicity, and the desire for slower living.

As we head into 2023, Metroflor will continue to offer a large assortment of luxury vinyl flooring products that help complement the five interior design trends and styles conducive to meaningful living identified by Metroflor’s Director of Design Natalia Smith. These five style trends are:

Future Roots

This trend is firmly rooted in the past, with designs that mirror Art Nouveau—an 18th century aesthetic movement inspired by nature.

The focus of Future Roots is on natural contours and nature’s imperfections. We see this trend today in sofas and chairs that are curved and curvaceous. Other elements of Future Roots include cave-like interiors with curvilinear walls, soffits, ceilings, and doorways. These design elements create an interior that offers the feeling of stability and fluidity.

It’s likely Future Roots will also reintroduce the prevalence of darker, earthy colors, replacing the current light and airy color trends.

Nature Home

Just as Future Roots uses nature as inspiration, Nature Home brings the outdoors in with large windows, natural materials, and nature analogues like ceramic tiles and LVT flooring.

Texture from rattans, caning and wicker provides visual interest and tactility that instill comfort and a sense of calmness. These natural materials also help keep the indoor air cleaner, especially when accompanied by lush green plants.

The blurred lines between indoors and outdoors will continue with furniture that can be in both spaces. We’ll also see more furniture that looks as though it came directly from the outdoors with a minimum of processing.

Cozy Cottage

The Cozy Cottage trend is focused on the pastoral promise of comfort and familiarity. Taking life slower, growing our own food, and leaning into self-sufficiency are all hallmarks of this interior style.

This trend isn’t just reserved for country living. Cozy Cottage is attainable in all settings, including the city. Gardens may not always be involved, but every occupant of a home can be selective with their furnishings. An heirloom piece, old family pictures, sentimental knick-knacks, or an antique we love can set the mood in a room.

Remembering to make your home a place to relax with a casual lived-in aesthetic will help make it welcoming and comfortable for family and guests.

Calm Comfort

Calm Comfort is rooted in Scandinavian and Minimalist design trends. The overarching idea of “less is more” in our interiors helps us decompress and declutter our minds. Selecting practical, high-quality items that you also love is another tenet of the style.

Other essential elements of the Calm Comfort trend include calming colors (greens, blues, and neutralized pinks), natural fabrics and materials, muted flooring, minimal artwork and earthy accents.

Farmhouse Natural

The winning formula for Farmhouse Natural is a blend of classic and futuristic design elements. Natural elements are added in, whether that’s highlighting windows for the beautiful views outside or selecting a natural analog flooring for the look of real wood but with the durability of LVT, or both.

The essential elements of the Farmhouse Natural trend are open floor plans, clean lines, neutral colors with black-colored accents, oversized kitchen islands, and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams.

The theme of meaningful living is achieved by selectively bringing in meaningful objects and furniture but being careful not to overcrowd the space.

Personalize Your Space with High-Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring from Metroflor

Metroflor’s newly released designs are perfectly suited to the five interior trends you may be interested in exploring. Each of the designs and colors are a beautiful foundation for you and your family to enjoy Meaningful Living.

To learn more about our newest residential and commercial flooring products, browse our website or contact a dealer near you.

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