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Oct 17, 2023 | Design Trends

Behind the Desert Style Interior Design Trend


In the realm of interior design, many transient trends come and go. However, there are a handful with real, long-term staying power thanks to their timeless appeal and the way they resonate with our desire for harmony and tranquility in our living spaces.

One such enduring trend is Desert Style, a captivating interior aesthetic that draws its inspiration from the landscapes of arid regions. Desert Style seamlessly marries the natural world with minimalism, creating an oasis of serenity within the confines of our homes.

The Palette of Earthy Elegance

The cornerstone of Desert Style is its distinctive color palette, which mirrors the hues found in the vast deserts of the world. Picture sandy beiges, warm terracotta hues, dusty ochres and deep browns. These colors are more than just a visual feast for the eyes — they create a soothing ambiance that evokes the essence of the desert. When you step into a room designed in this style, you can almost feel the gentle breeze and hear the soft rustle of sand underfoot.

Embracing Natural Materials

In Desert Style, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall aesthetic. Organic materials like wood, rattan and jute take center stage, adding warmth and texture to the design. These materials not only enhance the visual appeal but also evoke a tactile connection with the natural world. When you run your fingers along a rattan chair or walk on a woodgrain floor, it's like bringing a piece of the desert into your home.

How Does Natural Light Play into the Design Trend?

Natural light is another key element in Desert Style. Large windows and sheer curtains are not just design choices, but essential components that allow soft, diffused sunlight to filter through. This creates a serene atmosphere that changes throughout the day, mimicking the shifting light patterns of the desert. It's a reminder that the desert isn't static but a place of constant change and beauty.

Designing Your Own Desert Oasis

Now that you understand the concept of the interior design trend, the question is how can you bring the Desert Style aesthetic into your own living space? Here are some practical steps:

  1. Choose your color palette: Start by selecting the desert-inspired colors that resonate with you the most. Whether it's the earthy browns or the warm terracotta, your choice will set the tone for the entire room.
  2. Incorporate natural materials: Introduce furniture and decor made from organic materials like rattan, wood and jute. These elements will infuse your space with a touch of the desert you can feel.
  3. Maximize natural light: If possible, create or enhance the flow of natural light in your home. This may involve rearranging furniture or opting for sheer window treatments that allow the sunlight to filter through gently.
  4. Add desert-inspired decor: Decorate with desert-themed items like succulents, cacti or artwork that captures the beauty of arid landscapes. These elements will reinforce the theme and add a personal, artistic touch to your space.

Flooring as the Foundation

When it comes to Desert Style, every detail counts, including the flooring. The right flooring can tie the entire room together, completing the look and feel of your desert-inspired oasis. Consider flooring options that align with the earthy subtlety of Desert Style. Smooth, low contrast looks like Meadow Oak or the sophisticated, rich appearance of Garden Oak can be excellent choices.

Exploring Desert Style with Metroflor

If you're intrigued by the idea of Desert Style and want to bring this trend into your own home, Metroflor has an extensive collection of premium flooring to complement your design. Our luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring options, such as Brown Suede and Cairo, are designed to instill an organic look and feel that complements Desert Style interiors — enhancing the overall aesthetic while also offering practicality and durability.

Metroflor is here to help you bring your interior visions to life. Explore our products today.

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