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When Is Magnetic Installation Better Than Self-Adhesive or Other LVT/LVP Installation Methods?


Some businesses or multi-family housing properties change out flooring more often than others. Even the easiest traditional flooring installation processes can be time consuming and expensive if they must be performed frequently.

Although it’s often considered the easiest and fastest installation option, self-adhesive flooring also has its fair share of drawbacks. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring – which are vinyl planks or tiles with an adhesive tape attached to the back that can be peeled off and set down in place – isn’t always easy to remove.

The adhesives don’t last very long, can be difficult to recycle and have a reputation for emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), significantly degrading indoor air quality.

These drawbacks, combined with their often-substandard stability, tend to outweigh the benefits of this particularly easy installation method.

There’s a new, relatively obscure and unknown option for property owners looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to update flooring. In the ongoing contest to determine which flooring is the easiest to install, Attraxion from Metroflor is the new reigning champion.

How It Works

In basic terms Attraxion is a two-part system.

  1. A magnetic underlayment is installed on an appropriate substrate. Installation is easy – the underlayment is essentially a spool of material that is rolled out over the substrate – no nailing or adhesives required.
  2. Then the specialized Attraxion luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or luxury vinyl planks (LVP) with ferrite receptor backings are set on top of the magnetic underlayment. That’s it.

Replacement is just a matter of peeling the LVT or LVP up off the substrate. It’s not hard or complicated and doesn’t require any special tools. There’s no difficult-to-remove epoxy or adhesive left behind after removal.

The underlayment can stay in place and new Attraxion LVT or LVP flooring from Metroflor can be put in place of the old Attraxion flooring.

There’s likely never, in the history of flooring technology, been an easier and more efficient way to replace flooring. It’s so easy, in fact, that Attraxion has changed the way some businesses approach flooring.

Do you want a certain flooring style for summer and a different style for winter? In a matter of hours, you can peel up your summer flooring, store it away and put down your winter flooring.

Safe and Durable

Attraxion LVT from Metroflor is 100 percent waterproof. There are no adhesives involved with the installation of Attraxion, meaning no adhesive VOCs are introduced into a business or a home. Adhesives are, of course, not the only source of VOCs. Some materials also emit them. However, the luxury vinyl used in Metroflor LVT and LVP is not one of those materials.

We’re proud to say our LVT and LVP is FloorScore® certified as a flooring that promotes good indoor air quality.

The durability of Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology and our LVT and LVP also allows us to offer a great warranty to Metroflor customers. The warranty guarantees your flooring will be free from manufacturing defects and will not wear, fade or stain based on normal use and maintenance practices.

Aren’t Magnets Dangerous for Computers or Electronics? Does Attraxion Pose a Risk to Technology?

No – Attraxion LVT flooring is not dangerous for electronics, including smart phones, medical devices like pacemakers, computers, gaming systems or tablets.

How Hard is Attraxion to Maintain?

Attraxion, just like all the other luxury vinyl flooring products from Metroflor, is astonishingly easy to maintain. Regular sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming is all that’s required to keep your floor looking great. No waxing or refinishing is ever required. No aggressive mopping and scouring needed.

Where Can Attraxion Be Installed?

Anywhere inside that needs flooring. Attraxion LVT and LVP is great for retail businesses, doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, office buildings or schools. It’s also great for homes – especially multi-family housing where flooring may need to be replaced more frequently.

LVT and LVP of all types – including Attraxion – are especially popular for bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and kitchens due to its water resistance. Flooding or persistent moisture that could damage the adhesives used in self-adhesive flooring isn’t an issue when magnetism is keeping flooring securely in place.

But How Does It Look?

Attraxion’s durability is all well and good, but durability, indoor air quality and ease of installation aren’t the only things home and business owners seek in their flooring. Aesthetics are important as well.

Rest easy – Attraxion magnetic attachment technology is available with some of Metroflor’s best looking brands – including the Deja New line.

Beautiful Zinc and Clay luxury vinyl tile with authentic rough concrete embossing is available with Attraxion technology.

Several realistic wood plank styles are also available with Attraxion, including Flint Grey (with FX3 Surface Protectant and Ultra-Fresh) and the refreshingly rustic character of diverse, saw-cut Worn Beige and Greyed.

Simply put, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to get unparalleled durability and ease of installation. Those attributes are not mutually exclusive thanks to Attraxion from Metroflor.

Learn More About Our Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

We encourage you to browse through our Attraxion product page to learn more about this revolutionary LVT and LVP flooring option. If you decide you want to move forward with Attraxion, make sure to reach out to a friendly local dealer near you.

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