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Mar 21, 2023

What You Need to Know About the Future Roots Trend


Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for home decor, and the Future Roots movement seeks to bring the outdoors in. This trend combines bold Art Nouveau elements with modern influences to create a unique look that is sure to draw attention and inspire conversation.

Compared to other design styles, Future Roots is still growing and hasn’t quite made it into the mainstream yet, but you’ll likely notice it more and more in the coming years.

The Basics of Future Roots Trend

At its core, the Future Roots trend is based on Art Nouveau design principles, which combine natural shapes and structures with asymmetrical composition. It also incorporates elements of modern design, such as clean lines and geometric shapes. The result is an aesthetic that feels both organic and futuristic. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to bring the calm of nature into their home without sacrificing a contemporary vibe.

While Future Roots is currently centered more on the home experience, its unobtrusive design and clean, warm look makes it transition well into a professional space, which is why you might begin to notice elements of it in more businesses.

Bringing It Home

In comparison to other currently popular interior design trends like eclectic maximalism, Future Roots creates a sense of luxury through natural simplicity elevated by modern touches.

There are many ways to incorporate the Future Roots trend into your home. Consider investing in pieces that feature nature-inspired motifs or designs, like ceramic planters or wall hangings made from natural materials like wood or stone.

You can also add pops of green with houseplants — succulents are particularly well-suited for this aesthetic — or incorporate textiles that evoke the feel of nature, like cotton throws and linen pillows. Jute rugs or sisal carpets in earthy tones are another elegant way to start incorporating Future Roots into your home style.

Don’t forget to add some distinctive lighting fixtures; these will help create an ambient atmosphere that complements your future root-style decor perfectly.

Curved lines that subtly evoke shapes found in nature do well when paired with modern functionality. Lampshades that draw inspiration from nature, like tree branches or leaves, are sure to do well in a Future Roots-inspired home.

If you’re thinking about using Future Roots design in your home, adding a broken tile mosaic backsplash in soothing colors to your kitchen wall is another visually stunning way for you to do so.

Incorporating Future Roots Design into Your Home Environment

Future Roots draws inspiration from nature and the arches and flow of caves, but incorporating that into your home isn’t always easy to accomplish while keeping it open and airy. This is why so much of what we’re seeing of Future Roots now is centered on introducing curves to items (furniture, décor, etc.) that we’re more accustomed to seeing with rigid lines.

While often overlooked, your flooring can set the tone for your entire home. Wood grains with organic shapes and curves can make your home feel luxe and tie in Future Roots design elements.

Many homeowners justifiably shy away from wood floors because of their initial installation cost and upkeep. This is why luxury vinyl plank that accurately mimics the appearance of wood plank flooring is such an attractive option. Metroflor’s LVP flooring is thoughtfully designed to withstand life as it happens.

Director of Design Natalia Smith Speaks on Future Roots

Metroflor’s Director of Design, Natalia Smith, gives a behind-the-scenes take on the Future Roots and how it might begin to show up in modern home design.

The Future Roots trend provides endless possibilities when it comes to bringing nature indoors while maintaining a modern aesthetic. With careful planning and thoughtful choices, you can easily create an interior space that captures the beauty and energy of nature while still keeping up with today's trends.

Whether you’re looking for subtle nods or bold statements, the Future Roots trend has something for everyone and is sure to make its way into the mainstream.

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What You Need to Know About the Future Roots Trend

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What You Need to Know About the Future Roots Trend

Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for home decor, and the Future Roots movement…