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Metroflor's Response To President Trump's Exit From Paris Climate Accord

In response to President Trump's announcement that the United States will exit the Paris Climate Accord, Metroflor/Halstead Group CEO, Harlan Stone, issued the following statement:
“We as a company are committed to safety and sustainability throughout our global supply chain; and our commitment to continuous improvement remains firm today, regardless of any actions taken in regards to the Paris climate change agreement. Our commitment to innovation and transparency is real and deep. To that end, we will continue to support and promote alternative raw material sources that preserve the safety of the people who make and use our products, as well as the health of the earth's environment.”
Metroflor Corporation has a long-standing and on-going commitment to sustainability and joins the chorus of state and local governments, business leaders, and environmentalists who have also confirmed their commitments to the goals stated in the Paris Climate Accord. Rochelle Routman, Metroflor Chief Sustainability Officer, commented, "Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is opposed to Metroflor’s values of sustainability, which I will simplify into one vision: a world in which all of us are truly a positive influence on one another and the other life forms that coexist with us. As a company, we are answering the need to educate, motivate and encourage individuals to invest in a restorative ecosystem." Since her arrival at Metroflor in July 2016, Rochelle has built a sustainability hub that includes product development, testing and certification, and customer service known as the Product Authority Team (PAT). All product decisions go through PAT to ensure the product performance, sustainability, quality, safety, and compliance with local, national, and international standards and norms.
Integration of Metroflor's global manufacturing operations has been a focus of current sustainability and transparency initiatives. Metroflor's Shanghai Office General Manager, Simon Xia, has taken on the role of Sustainability Coordinator to implement these initiatives with Metroflor's Asian factories and raw material suppliers.
Aspecta by Metroflor, Metroflor's specified commercial LVT brand, has taken a leadership position in transparency among resilient flooring companies securing Declare labels for all Aspecta collections (including the first Declare label for a rigid core LVT - Aspecta Ten), and issuing HPD's (Health Product Declarations) and Environmental Data Sheets for all Aspecta collections. Metroflor is a sponsor and supporter of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), the founding organization of the Declare labeling program, and the Living Building and Living Product Challenges. Metroflor is also a sponsoring supporter of mindful Materials, a transparency check listing system that provides transparency access to Aspecta products on and provides an easy-to-use system of identifying transparency documents on samples in architects and designers libraries. Regardless of the actions of the executive of the United States, Metroflor will continue our efforts to be good stewards of the planet and implement and promote programs and processes that will improve the health and well-being of the planet, our employees, and our customers.
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