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Jan 27, 2017

First Smile Pediatric Dentistry TransFLORmation | Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews

We’re back with the latest installment of our TransFLORmation stories and the first for 2017. For this story, we had the chance to talk with Stephanie Guzman of First Smile Pediatric Dentistry in Irvine, California. Stephanie was nice enough to share her experience with us and add to our growing number of Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews. Check it out below and find out why First Smile Pediatric Dentistry chose Metroflor!

Flooring Considerations For Pediatric Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be scary for children, which is why every aspect of their office décor—from flooring to wall art—needed to be taken into careful consideration. When Dr. Rabin Marfatia opened First Smile Pediatric Dentistry in his hometown of Irvine, California, he had specific flooring criteria that needed to be met. His receptionist, Stephanie Guzman, shared the details with us: “[Dr. Marfatia] wanted something very positive and very bright,” Guzman said. “A modern, sophisticated look while at the same time, not trying to grasp that kiddie look for a dental office.” metroflor engage genesis reviews In addition to being warm, welcoming, and modern, their office required flooring that would be able to handle heavy foot traffic from both kids and their parents. Fortunately for Dr. Marfatia, Metroflor Engage Genesis met his busy dental practice’s needs.

Metroflor Engage Genesis: Flooring to Smile About

Dr. Marfatia discovered Metroflor Engage Genesis and Guzman says that he certainly made the right choice for their pediatric dental practice. They chose Metroflor Engage Genesis 2000XL in Cameo. “It’s just a very attractive color,” Guzman said. “I think the doctor picked the perfect color for it." metroflor engage genesis reviews Guzman said that the staff aren’t the only ones who love the new flooring. Patients and random passersby are big fans of the flooring as well. “It’s the perfect flooring. The patients just love coming in here—not even patients that are ours,” Guzman said. “We have physical therapy and…an orthodontist office right across from us. They tell me [that] it’s beautiful.” “We usually just sweep it, mop it, and that’s pretty much it,” she said. “It doesn’t stain. It’s a really good floor!” Guzman said that the flooring was also a breeze to install. “They were very quick with the installation and the whole process,” she said.

Metroflor—The Best Flooring Choice For Patientsmetroflor engage genesis reviews

Most importantly for First Smile Pediatric Dentistry, their Metroflor Engage Genesis flooring makes their patients happy. “[The parents] come in and say, ‘It just feels so positive in here. I could be having a bad day, walk in here, and just feel extremely happy once again,’” Guzman said. At First Smile Pediatric Dentistry, this is exactly the kind of sentiment that Guzman and Dr. Marfatia want to hear from their patients.

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