How LVT F Looring Impacts the Aesthetics of Your Home Metroflor

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Sep 14, 2021 | Design Trends

Finding the Right LVT or LVP for Your Home’s Aesthetic


Moving into a new home? Having renovations done? Or is it just time to update your interior design? Updating your home’s style can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and time consuming. Your choice of flooring will play a significant role in the look and feel of your home’s interior.

Flooring may even be the first big design choice you make once you’ve settled on an interior style. Most homeowners want flooring that’s functional, durable and aesthetically appealing. You likely don’t want to break the bank either.

How do you get flooring in the style you want at the right price?

Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl flooring is a great way to upgrade your home with a classy look at a low cost. Vinyl flooring has increased in popularity over the years in large part thanks to its aesthetic diversity. Advances in vinyl flooring technologies are producing vinyl floors that are nearly indistinguishable from the natural hardwood or stone floors they mimic. People are ditching dull, lower-cost carpets, expensive stone tile and overpriced engineered or hardwood planks for luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planking.

What Is Your Style?

There are several LVT and LVP options that can complement whichever style you want in your home. Some of the most popular styles currently are:

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial

Many homeowners are avoiding the traditional dark oak and real wood plank aesthetic in favor of brighter palettes and gray.

Contemporary and modern interior design styles often get confused because they both look bold. Both possess sleek, clean looks that create an airy and open feel in the home. When choosing flooring for these styles, you will likely be leaning toward more neutral and natural flooring patterns that can complement other features in a room. That’s one of the reasons simple wood grain designs and light colored LVP is a popular choice for contemporary and modern designs.

The natural wood appearance of high-quality luxury vinyl plank also compliments farmhouse designs. A rustic natural grain LVP or a light gray LVP might be great options.

Industrial styles tend to be sleek, bold and clean. Contrary to the modern look, you might be looking for something that is dark, smooth and even, such as a dark colored, black or darker gray LVT. The colors and textures of Metroflor’s luxury vinyl tile options can look dramatic or even borderline metallic, which makes it perfect for industrial-style flooring.

Where Are You Installing the Flooring?

Where you plan on installing flooring may impact what type of flooring you end up choosing. Placement matters. Flooring in a living room might need different comfort or style characteristics than the flooring in a bathroom. The flooring will certainly require different properties in terms of durability and water resistance.

Although the typical living room may not be subject to a lot of moisture, humidity can potentially be a concern. Certain types of flooring, like luxury vinyl, stand up better to moisture and humidity than carpet or natural hardwood.

Metroflor’s quality LVT options are moisture resistant and durable. You can have comfortable LVT installed in your living room, bathrooms or kitchens without having to worry about water damage, trapped moisture or peeling wear layers.

How Will Your Lifestyle Affect Your Flooring?

Lifestyle and your household may play a big role in your choice of flooring. Choosing flooring that can stand up to abuse, high traffic and spills is important If you have kids or pets. The great thing about luxury vinyl flooring is you don’t have to sacrifice your design aesthetic to get flooring that’s kid and pet proof.

The truly diverse array of luxury vinyl tile and plank colors and patterns means you are sure to find a Metroflor LVT or LVP option that lets you have both the design you want and the durability your flooring needs.

You may also want to consider the maintenance needs of your flooring options. Real wood floors can’t be cleaned or disinfected nearly as easily as luxury vinyl plank alternatives. Wood also requires periodic and messy refinishing if you want to maximize its longevity.

If you have kids or pets, luxury vinyl plank lets you worry less about staining from spills, plus no refinishing ever. Today’s vinyl floors no longer require additional finish or wax applications.

Households with children may want to consider flooring that is waterproof, stain repellant and protected from abrasion, like Metroflor’s Genesiswaterproof WPC floors or Inception waterproof SPC floors.

What Is Your Budget for Flooring?

Budget often plays a large role in home flooring decisions. While laminate may be the least expensive option, it is also notoriously short-lived and often has an aesthetic that matches its price point. Laminate tends to peel and can be easily damaged.

On the other hand, real solid wood flooring or stone tiles can potentially cost you $10 to $20 per square foot – or more – depending on the materials. The realistic textures, colors and patterns of LVT and LVP offers an authentic wood or stone look at a fraction of the price. Metrostone even appears to have real grout thanks to our proprietary Grout Effect™.

Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, luxury vinyl flooring lets you have it without the extraordinary cost.

There’s a Perfect Luxury Vinyl Floor for Your Home

No matter your style, there is a luxury vinyl flooring that can fit your budget and your desired aesthetic. You don’t have to settle when you choose LVT or LVP from Metroflor.

Metroflor offers a diverse variety of styles and designs to choose from with unparalleled durability and great longevity. Contact a dealer near you or browse through the many flooring styles on our website to learn more about Metroflor luxury vinyl flooring.

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