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Why Design Firms Love Metroflor | Green Curve Studio's Metroflor Engage Genesis Review

We’re back with more Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews. You’ll love our latest TransFLORmation story. For this story, we had the opportunity to interview Jacek and Taylor from Green Curve Studio Inc., a design firm specializing in dental, orthodontic, and medical office design. metroflor engage genesis reviews

Green Curve Studio: Solving Design Challenges

It’s not surprising that medical professionals from across the nation seek out Green Curve Studio for their office design needs. With over 22 years of expertise in their niche market, the design firm is known for being quick, creative, and easy to work with. “We love what we do,” says Jacek, part-owner and designer at Green Curve Studio. “We always try to do something new for every client. Something specific to their desires or interests or needs. And of course, for the patients that they treat.” One of the essential components to their design services is their floor planning expertise. Taylor, a project manager and designer at Green Curve Studio, said that their latest project had a long list of flooring requirements that needed to be met. “We had to be budget-friendly,” she said. “We had to find something that was compatible with carpet in the sense that it had acoustical properties.” Their client, a pediatric dental office in West Virginia, also had an existing concrete subfloor that was slightly uneven, which meant that they needed material that could work with an uneven surface. Fortunately, Taylor was in touch with Metroflor sales representatives and was told about Metrolfor’s latest product: Engage Genesis 2000.

Function Meets Aesthetics in Metroflor Engage Genesis

This wasn’t Green Curve Studio’s first experience with Metroflor, which is why Jacek and Taylor had full confidence when they recommended Engage Genesis to their client. “We love Metroflor,” said Taylor. “We’ve never been disappointed in the end result, either for budget or lead time or installation. Performance is always there with these products.” Being able to withstand heavy traffic was important for their busy pediatric dental office. Taylor said that the vinyl wear layer also makes the flooring soft, which her client is grateful for because she is on her feet all day. “She loves it and has had no complaints,” Taylor said. They chose Metroflor Engage Genesis 2000 in Dutch Elm for the client’s pediatric dentistry office. metroflor engage genesis reviewsmetroflor engage genesis reviews “We needed a lot of warmth with this one and that’s what that taupe color gave us,” Taylor said. “We gave her several options,” added Jacek. “But [Engage Genesis] worked the best. It also served as an anchor for all the colors we had proposed for surrounding surfaces.” Not only did Taylor and Jacek’s client save money on labor costs, but the entire installation was a breeze. “It was a really easy install from what we heard,” Taylor said. “It probably took less than a few hours to do her entire office.” Learn more about this project and the work of Green Curve Studios by watching the video below!

What the Patients Have to Say About Metroflor Engage Genesis

The doctors and staff at Charleston Pediatric Dentistry love their new flooring, but the best Metroflor Engage Genesis review come from the patients themselves. Jacek said that the patients and their parents are raving about the office’s beautiful floors. “All patients that come in say, ‘Wow, your floor is absolutely beautiful!’” said Taylor. “They can’t tell the difference between the hardwood floors and that it’s actually a vinyl tile product.” That sounds like another flooring success to us! Thanks for sharing your TransFLORmation story with us, Jacek and Taylor!

Looking For More Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews?

If you have your own story to share, we would love for you to contribute to our Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram! Love the look of Metroflor Engage Genesis 2000 in Dutch Elm? Find a Metroflor Dealer near you by visiting us a

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