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Standard Vinyl vs Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring caught on fast when it was first introduced to flooring markets. It quickly became one of the most popular choices for installing or replacing the floors in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. It was a much more wallet-friendly option compared to stone tile or hardwood floors, and it complemented many rooms more than carpet or laminate ever could.

Of course, as manufacturers improve and evolve their technology and products, they find better ways to construct more durable and attractive flooring solutions. Luxury vinyl flooring is a newer, significantly improved type of vinyl flooring that has grown in popularity in recent years. Homeowners are often drawn to luxury vinyl flooring for its affordability, easy installation, longevity and water-resistant properties.

Compared to standard vinyl floors, luxury vinyl can offer more long-term benefits because of its durable construction and improved visual authenticity.

How Are Standard Vinyl Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Flooring Different? Not sure what they mean by standard vinyl – sheet vinyl or tile vinyl?

The overall quality of luxury vinyl tends to beat standard vinyl by nearly every measure:

  1. Appearance: Standard vinyl can be made to look like wood or stone, but there is usually no texture to it. The smooth façade is often a clear sign that the flooring isn't real LVT material but a cheaper version with no seams. If you’re going for a wood plank or stone tile look, you may want to consider luxury vinyl flooring for a more realistic appearance and feel.
  2. Comfort and sound: Standard vinyl is a very thin layer of material that is typically adhered to the subfloor, making it somewhat uncomfortable to walk on — especially if you’re installing it over concrete. Luxury vinyl is constructed of several layers, including a foam material that increases insulation and sound absorption.
  3. Durability and maintenance: Standard vinyl may not incorporate tough characteristics to withstand heavy traffic or moisture. When one area of the standard vinyl becomes damaged, the entire floor sheet needs to be replaced. That isn’t usually the case with luxury vinyl because it comes in planks or tiles — making it easy to replace single damaged pieces. Luxury vinyl is made with multiple layers, including a wear layer that is designed to resist damage and last.
  4. Water and moisture resistance: Standard vinyl floors typically have few to no seams, making it harder for water to penetrate to subfloors. Luxury vinyl floors are installed in patterns using various sizes of planks and tiles. While most luxury vinyl materials are designed to repel water at nearly every layer, moisture may still seep through the seams and into the underlayment, at least if they’re not installed properly.
  5. Installation: Standard vinyl is installed using glue or adhesive, which isn’t always the easiest method for non-professionals. If you decide to go with standard vinyl, it may be best to hire a contractor who knows how to install it. However, many popular styles of luxury vinyl flooring use an interlock system (locking system?). The planks or tiles are installed as a “floating floor” and fit together without the need for glue — making it a better option if you intend to install flooring yourself.

Browse Our Collection of Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Metroflor

Are you looking to install or renovate the floors in your home? Luxury vinyl flooring can be an ideal investment if you’re ready to upgrade your floors with a more durable product that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

At Metroflor, we offer high-quality flooring products, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP), in a vast collection of colors and styles to match your unique preferences.

Find your ideal flooring match with Metroflor today by browsing our luxury vinyl flooring products.

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