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Oct 19, 2016 | LVT Care and Maintenance

Metroflor Care & Maintenance | 3 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning LVT Is A Bad Idea

Many homeowners choose to install luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring into their homes for more reasons than just its modern and elegant look. Luxury vinyl tile also has a reputation for being extremely durable thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. What many people don't know is that, when compared to natural hardwood, LVT can withstand heavier amounts of foot traffic. LVT owners also enjoy a flooring that is warmer and much more comfortable on bare feet than real stone and ceramic tile. However, it's important for LVT owners to be aware of a few care and maintenance tips and tricks that will help your Metroflor luxury vinyl tile flooring stand the test of time - and look beautiful in the process! One of the most important care and maintenance tips that we can provide answers the question, "Is steam cleaning LVT a good idea?" The answer is simple - "No!" It's definitely not a good idea to steam clean your LVT. When it comes to preserving luxury vinyl tile floors, one of the biggest mistakes a person can make is steam cleaning LVT. Steam cleaners are able to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize some surfaces without the need for chemical cleaners, but they can also damage LVT floors beyond repair. steam cleaning LVT

Metroflor Care and Maintenance Tip: Steam Cleaning LVT Is A Bad Idea!

If you want your LVT floors to look great for years to come, here are three reasons why you should avoid using a steam cleaner: 1. The Heat Can Cause Vinyl to Warp or Bend The steam vapor that is emitted from a steam cleaner needs to be hot in order to kill germs, and most steam cleaners can reach temperatures of over 200º F at the tip. The heat is also important for loosening bonds of dirt and stains on your floor, but this excessive heat also puts your LVT floors in danger of warping or bending. 2. Moisture + Heat Can Compromise the Structure of LVT In addition to high temperatures, steam cleaners also use steam to collect dirt and wipe surfaces. The steam can cause moisture to seep in between the layers of an LVT plank or tile and into the adhesive that bonds the vinyl top layer to the vinyl structure. The moisture from the steam can cause the adhesive to break down and compromise your flooring. 3. Your Warranty Will Not Cover the Damage Steam cleaners may sound great because they don’t require chemicals to efficiently clean floors, but the damage that they can cause is typically not covered in warranties. Even if the warranty doesn’t explicitly mention the word “steam cleaner”, they often have some statement that includes the excessive use of water or heat, which effectively voids the warranty. When it comes to properly caring for your Metroflor LVT floors, it is highly recommended that you follow the maintenance manual carefully. Regular care and maintenance typically involves sweeping or vacuuming daily (without using the beater bar), and if needed, using a pH-neutral cleaner such as Metroflor's Prevail Neutral Cleaner.

Skip The Steam Cleaner For Longer Lasting LVT Floors!

Many steam cleaners are advertised as being safe for all types of flooring, but owners of luxury vinyl tile products need to be wary of such claims. While steam cleaners are handy tools, they can damage LVT flooring by warping it or causing delamination. In addition, warranties often do not cover damage caused by steam cleaners. To get the most out of your LVT flooring, we recommend reading the Metroflor warranty which covers the general maintenance and care of your LVT flooring. Click here to locate and download the appropriate warranty for your product. With proper care of your LVT floors, you can keep your floors looking flawless and at peak performance for years to come!

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