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Mar 23, 2017

Jodi Eicher TransFLORmation | Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews

We have another exciting TransFLORmation story to share with our readers! For this story, we got in touch with Jodi Eicher, who agreed to add her voice to our growing number of Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews. When it came time to replace the flooring in their Tempe, Arizona home, Jodi and her husband were looking for something that was extremely durable. Their plan was to install Engage Genesis 2000 in the color "Hackberry" into their living room and move on to the rest of the house if things went well. But the Eicher’s ran into an issue that they didn’t anticipate. The Metroflor team was right there to help them through it all.

The Issue - Indentation From Furniture

After installing Metroflor Engage Genesis into their living room, Jodi and her husband noticed that their furniture was leaving indentations in the flooring. It caused the Eicher’s to question their decision to install it in the rest of their house. Jodi immediately contacted the Metroflor Support team via Facebook and spoke with Metroflor’s Director of Marketing, Gary Keeble. “Gary was absolutely incredible,” she said. “And the team was [too]. They were just so supportive!” After looking at the Engage Genesis warranty more closely, Jodi realized that her heavy furniture needed casters to prevent indentations. Her couch had tiny balls on the bottom that had managed to put indents in her flooring.

The Fix - "Gary and the Amazing Metroflor Team"

Gary and the team helped her finish up her flooring installation, something that Jodi was extremely grateful for. “He was with us throughout the whole process,” Jodi said. When she decided to install Metroflor Engage Genesis into the rest of her house, she called Metroflor once again and was blown away by the response. “The people who are there, [they’re] there to support you,” she said. Before: metroflor engage genesis reviews Jodi said that Metroflor was a great product, but she learned from Metroflor representatives that you need to be careful with certain kinds of furniture. “You can stick a grand piano on this floor and nothing will happen, [but] put a little chair that has those tiny little balls, and you can get marks,” she said. After: Eicher MEtroflor Engage Genesis Review Photo Despite these precautions, Jodi says that her floors have proven their durability again and again. “[My son] drops toys on it, drops everything, and it’s held up!” she said. “All flooring is going to get some scratching at some point, especially with this guy, and you can’t see it at all, which is great!” Hear more about how Metroflor helped Jodi solve her flooring problem in this unique video interview:

More Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews to Come!

Thanks to Jodi Eicher for sharing your story and adding to our Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews! We love hearing from our customers and sharing the latest Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews with our readers. If you have a Metroflor LVT TransFLORmation story to share, let us know by connecting with us on social media.
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