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Jun 03, 2021

Increase Your Return on Investment for Your Next Flip with LVP/LVT Flooring


Home flipping can be a lucrative way to generate revenue when it’s done right. The goal is almost always to purchase a home that needs work for below its market value. Then you fix the home up and sell it for a profit.

Flipping homes can be a challenging pursuit. It’s equal parts savvy shopping, design and time management. If you spend too much money improving the home, you might not make a great return. If you don’t spend enough time and money, the minimal return on investment you get when you sell might make the flip a losing proposition.

Return on investment (ROI) is always the main metric to watch. You want to spend money on upgrades that will either return a profit at sale or at least break even. What you don’t want to do is spend $8,000 on high-end tile or hardwood flooring only to find out at sale that you only recouped $4,000 on that investment.

There’s no guarantee for flippers when they start replacing floors or putting in new landscaping, which is why most flippers smartly try to choose upgrades that look great but don’t have a premium price tag.

Big Swings Can Result in Big Misses

The most expensive flip investments often come from things like kitchen remodels or high-end flooring replacements. If a prospective buyer doesn’t like what you’ve done or isn’t willing to pay the high price you demand, you may end up losing money or having difficulty making a sale.

Most flipping renovations fall into one of four categories:

  • Curb appeal
  • Value-added
  • Personal preference
  • Basics

Most flipped homes probably won’t include personal preference renovations, like adding a pool or hot tub, since those are risky improvements that may result in a negative ROI.

Flooring falls somewhere between the basics (roofs, HVAC systems, etc.) and curb appeal (exterior paint, landscaping, etc.).

Floors are one of the most commonly replaced items in any flip. If you get a great deal on a house that needs a lot of work, the floors will likely be in dire need of replacement.

Flooring a Flip with LVT and LVP

When it comes to flooring, most flippers want something that looks expensive and high-end but won’t eat into their ROI.

Flipping a home is also a time game. The faster you finish a project the more quickly you can move on to the next one.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank (LVP) are a great option on both fronts. Luxury vinyl flooring looks like authentic wood or stone without the high price tag, and it can be installed quickly and easily.

Handy people who are flipping homes on the side can often tackle LVT and LVP glueless flooring replacement without professional assistance. Unlike natural hardwood or tile, it’s relatively easy for DIY floorers to put down a great looking luxury vinyl floating floor.

You can also easily find a luxury vinyl flooring that matches new fixtures, cabinets, countertops and paint. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in a diverse array of color palettes and styles to complement whatever you think appeals to homebuyers in an area.

Genesis and Inception are great Metroflor brands for flipping a property. Both Genesis and Inception possess water resistant attributes that make them ideal in homes, especially those with pets or children.

Inception offers great water resistance with a Solid Polymer Composite rigid core. The multilayered strength of Inception makes it highly resistant to both water and indentations from impacts. Its special FX2 Surface ProtectantTM also offers stain resistance that far exceeds many other residential flooring materials, including stone tile, wood and carpet.

Inception also features a special HDPE underlayment that makes it comfortable underfoot and helps reduce sound transmission.

Inception is available in large format planks that feature In-Register Embossing for authentic-looking natural hardwood designs. It’s a glueless floating floor that can be easily installed on top of a variety of hard surfaces, even existing ceramic tiles, to speed up any home flipping project.

Genesis’s ISOCORE technology, which provides exceptional rigidity and durability, also makes it an easy floating flooring to install, even in a home with less than perfect subfloors.

Genesis comes with an Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial treatment baked into the surface and pad, as well as a variety of wear layer thickness options, to ensure homes stay safe, healthy and enjoy great looking, long-lasting flooring.

Both options give homes the authentic look of real hardwood or tile floors at a fraction of the price without sacrificing durability and comfort.

Browse through the product pages on our website to learn more about which Metroflor LVT or LVP would be right for your project.

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