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Are LVP and LVT the Same Thing?


As a flooring manufacturer, we get a lot of frequently asked questions about our various flooring options, particularly regarding our luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP). In the flooring industry, these two terms are used interchangeably. At Metroflor, we describe our products as LVT almost exclusively but LVP still pops up here and there. As a result of these two terms being used interchangeably, one of the most common inquiries is from people wanting to know if LVT and LVP are the same thing.

What is LVT?

To start, let’s give a brief explanation of what LVT is before we get into vinyl plank flooring (LVP). In the simplest terms, LVT are flooring tiles made of multiple layers of vinyl (that serve as the foundational core), with an embossed design layer and a clear vinyl protective layer on top.

The appearance of LVT mimics their authentic counterparts (wood, ceramic or tile), but can be installed for a fraction of the cost of real stone, ceramic or wood materials. Additionally, they are far easier to install, maintain or replace (if necessary).

What’s the Difference Between LVP and LVT?

Luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles have the same construction and durability, and they are great water-resistant flooring options for homes or commercial spaces. The only real difference is the size and shape of the flooring pieces.

The vinyl planks are longer than the vinyl tiles and are shaped like wood planks you’d find for hardwood or engineered wood flooring. When it comes to installing your flooring design, not all styles have both tile and plank options. Typically, the planks are limited to wood-like embossed finishes whereas tiles come in both stone and wood embossed finishes.

When you are browsing through our product offerings, be sure to note the plank or tile “size” below the sample photo before making your final luxury vinyl flooring selections.

Further, not all the luxury vinyl tiles are the same standard length, and the planks are not always a standard size. These dimensions are important to keep in mind when considering your overall flooring design and how the LVT or LVP pieces will look in your space.

Why Would I Choose to Use LVP Versus LVT?

The short answer is that it depends on your preferred design, your preferred appearance of the tiles or planks (are you more interested in a stone-like appearance or a wood-like finish?) and the space where the tiles or planks will be installed.

A larger space may benefit more from using planks since they are larger than tiles and will cover more ground (literally). However, if you are considering a more intricate design or flooring pattern, you may want to use tiles to achieve the final look.

If you have a smaller room that you want to appear bigger and less claustrophobic you may want to use LVP to achieve the same visual lengthening effect wood planks can have.

If you’d like to play around with possible designs and get a better visual in terms of what the tiles or planks will look like in an actual room, check out our FlorVisualizer. You can choose from a variety of commercial and residential virtual room and space options in the tool.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Your Final Design

As we mentioned before, the particulars of your space will dictate some of your design choices.

The following are a few products you may want to consider.

Our Engage Genesis line includes 12 unique extra-long plank designs. If you are covering a large space – or want to make a smaller space appear larger – this could be an ideal product.

One of our newest product offerings is our Attraxion line, which features magnetic attachment technology. The magnetic installation method eliminates the costs of adhesives and can be installed even more easily than our other easy-to-install LVT and LVP options.

Attraxion is so easy to uninstall and reinstall that some businesses, especially retail stores, buy multiple styles and switch out flooring quickly and painlessly to match their seasonal displays.

And just like all of our other flooring products, Attraxion is FloorScore® certified, which means it contributes to the healthy indoor air quality of your space.

Socially Conscious Commercial Spaces

Aside from intricate patterns and pure aesthetics, another feature that has become more prevalent recently is flooring giving visual directives and cues to encourage social distancing and direct the flow of foot traffic for retailers and offices.

Design and aesthetics can serve a dual purpose for the efficiency of your business. To view some examples of how flooring can help achieve our rapidly evolving workplace and public space goals, browse our Workspace Wayfinding page or put the dimensions of your space into our SKETCHBOX™DESIGNER to personalize your design.

Vinyl Plank Flooring and Beyond

At Metroflor we offer LVT and LVP flooring options and innovative installation techniques to keep up with the changing needs of our customer’s home and commercial spaces. We strive to enhance the ease and efficiency with which you create your ideal space. Locate a dealer near you to get started on your design today.

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