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Dec 17, 2021

Metroflor Products Are Proudly ASSURE™ CERTIFIED for Your Family’s Peace of Mind


Any materials you place in your home or business will have an impact on indoor air quality and occupant safety. Some flooring materials are notorious for contributing to poor indoor air quality. Metroflor's rigid core floating floors, Inception SPC and Genesis WPC, are both ASSURE™ CERTIFIED and FloorScore® certified for you and your family's safety and peace of mind.

What Is ASSURE Certification

Rigid core flooring, which includes SPC and WPC, is quickly becoming the most popular segment of resilient flooring in North America. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers who claim to offer you safe and high-quality products adhere to high material standards.

To solve this problem, SCS Global Services, a third-party global leader in quality certification, partnered with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) to create ASSURE CERTIFIED. This uniform quality standard ensures that the floor you purchase meets rigorous safety standards for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals and potentially carcinogenic phthalate plasticizers.

Several Metroflor rigid core flooring products carry the ASSURE CERTIFIED™ mark of approval, including Engage Genesis

, Engage Inception and Metrostone.

In addition to indoor air quality and ingredient safety, ASSURE also addresses over a dozen key quality and performance criteria that includes among others:

  • Denting
  • Staining
  • Chemical damage
  • Fading and discoloration
  • Gapping, curling and cupping

Why Purchase ASSURE CERTIFIED Products

It might be tempting to save money and go with non-certified flooring of questionable quality, such as the lower-end vinyl materials, laminate or carpet. However, having these floors in your home may contribute to a less than optimal environment for you, your family and even your pets.

Laminate flooring is made from a mixture of potentially dangerous raw materials like melamine resin formaldehyde, cyanuric acid, isocyanates and aluminum oxide. Studies suggest excessive exposure to some of the chemicals commonly found in low-quality flooring can have cumulative effects that contribute to the development of serious health problems, like cancer, asthma and kidney damage.

Like laminate floors, carpet can also have adverse effects on your health. Things like mold, pet hair and dust particles get trapped in your carpets. The presence of these indoor pollutants can be problematic for family members with allergies, asthmas or mold sensitives. In extreme cases pollutants trapped in carpet may even contribute to the development of respiratory illnesses.

Low-cost flooring isn’t the only danger. Some flooring shoppers assume natural hardwood is safe; after all, doesn’t the natural in the title imply it’s free of dangerous additives? Unfortunately, various protective layers and finishes used on some types of hardwood are notorious for VOC emissions.

Metroflor’s ASSURE CERTIFIED products save you the headache and regret associated with investing your time and funds in poor flooring options.

Rigid Core Vinyl with a Proven Reputation for Toughness

In addition to meeting specific health standards, ASSURE CERTIFIED floors also undergo testing for things like strength, durability and chemical resistance.

When you purchase an ASSURE CERTIFIED flooring you can rest easy knowing your floor can stand up to rigorous use in both residential and light commercial settings, including places like medical offices, schools or food service establishments.

The chemical resistance standards met by ASSURE CERTIFIED luxury vinyl rigid core flooring ensure they can be disinfected and cleaned with a variety of chemicals without suffering damage or discoloration.

What is FloorScore® Certification

In addition to being ASSURE CERTIFIED™, Metroflor luxury vinyl flooring products are FloorScore® certified. While only rigid core floors can be ASSURE CERTIFIED, other categories including flexible and glue down vinyl floors can be FloorScore certified, and all of Metroflor’s vinyl floors carry the FloorScore® certification.

Like ASSURE CERTIFIED, the FloorScore certification program relies on the independent certifier, SCS Global Services, who has developed a universally recognized quality standard for indoor health quality.

Specifically, to carry the FloorScore certification, luxury vinyl flooring must emit little to no VOCs. The FloorScore standard is based on some of the world’s most rigorous measures of Chronic Exposure Level (CREL) concentrations as determined by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dedicated to Developing and Manufacturing Safe, Reliable Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank Flooring

At Metroflor, we place you, our customer, at the center of everything we do. We value your health, happiness and satisfaction.

When you purchase flooring products from us, you can rest easy knowing they are free of dangerous concentrations of heavy metals and toxic materials that could affect your indoor air quality.

Browse our rich and diverse selection of SPC, WPC, LVT and LVP floors to find the perfect fit for your needs. Find and contact a dealer near you for more information and assistance.

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