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Dec 17, 2021

Workspace Wayfinding and Social Distancing


During last year’s pandemic and the subsequent need for social distancing, thousands of businesses, including stores, restaurants, airports, banks and hospitals, scrambled to find ways to serve customers safely. Flooring signage played a key role in solving the challenges associated with social distancing rules.

The ongoing reopening has left many businesses looking for practical, creative and safe ways to bring their employees back to the office and customers into their stores.

Metroflor’s unique Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology, combined with our Metroforms flooring shapes and patterns, enable businesses to easily embed social distancing and wayfinding signals directly into their flooring.

The extreme ease of Attraxion removal and installation makes the adjustment of wayfinding and social distancing markers a simple process. Metroforms are also easily reversable and can be quickly removed and replaced with other Attraxion flooring with minimal effort.

What Is Workspace Wayfinding

Wayfinding involves using signage that helps people navigate through a store or workspace according to predetermined routes. They’re also an easy way for businesses to define work zones, customer pathing and areas of social distancing.

During the height of the pandemic many stores, especially grocery stores, attempted to establish one-way aisles using various wayfinding techniques. Wayfinding can be used in other types of retail environments to encourage customers to queue in checkout or pickup lines in specific ways.

Wayfinding signage incorporated directly into flooring is a noticeable and eye-catching technique that doesn’t detract from the overall style or décor of a business’s interior.

Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology

Metroflor’s innovative Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology offers a catalog of easily movable flooring patterns. This means that your custom-designed floor can be repositioned, removed and reused to fit your business’s needs.

If you decide to refresh or rearrange your existing layout, you won’t have to purchase brand new flooring or wayfinding markers. Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology gives you the option to create a new design using your existing flooring. The process is fast, easy and cost effective.

If at some point you want to replace your wayfinding flooring with a more traditional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP), you can choose from a variety of Déjà New styles without needing to replace the Magnebuild magnetic underlayment. The process simply entails peeling up the old flooring and laying down the new Attraxion luxury vinyl.

Custom Design Your Floor

Investing in our product means you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for convenience. Metroforms’ contrasting color schemes and patterns create flooring that is both visually sophisticated and easy to manipulate.

Our Metroforms palette of 38 Déjà New colors leaves you with endless options to arrange contrasting shades and colors to get the most effective and profound looking floor design.

You can customize your floor by using the shapes and patterns of your choice. We currently offer ten unique patterns, including waves, patches, cubes, diamonds and more. You can also generate your own custom wayfinding patterns in our Sketchbox™ Designer tool.

Metroforms Sketchbox Designer

To avoid the hassle and disappointment of a mismatched design, Metroflor offers you an easy virtual tool that allows you to experiment with different designs and colors. The Metroforms Sketchbox Designer gives you the opportunity to bring your floor vision to life.

The Sketchbox Designer allows you to:

  • Virtually create your floor design online
  • See it in a room
  • Change the room dimensions
  • Determine the materials you’ll need to recreate your project in your business

You can create, save and share your Sketchbox projects with other decision makers. You can even order samples of the flooring in your Sketchbox before you commit.

Explore Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Wayfinding Options

Whether you need wayfinding for a store, corporate office, an assisted living facility or a restaurant, Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology is the optimum solution for your workspace. Since our products are water and moisture-resistant, you can install them in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and even basements.

Learn more about the Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology and browse our rich and diverse selection of floor designs to find the perfect fit for your needs. Find and contact a dealer near you for more information and assistance.

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