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Should You Refinish or Replace Your Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood floors have justifiably earned a reputation for longevity, but it comes with a catch. Hardwood flooring can look good for multiple generations of homeowners if they’re periodically refinished. If you live in a home with hardwood flooring, there will come a moment when you’ll ask yourself the question, “Should I refinish or replace my hardwood floors?”

While not every hardwood can be refinished, quality solid hardwood can be sanded down and restored multiple times over the course of its usable life. Engineered hardwood, depending on the thickness of the veneer, or top species layer, cannot be refinished as many times as solid. Restoring hardwood floors can be a wise financial decision if the flooring is in good shape and not overly damaged.

Prefinished hardwood floors can be much more difficult to refinish than a site-applied polyurethane finish. Factory finishes are usually a UV-cured aluminum oxide finish, which is extremely durable and difficult to sand through to the bare wood to be able to refinish the floor.

What Steps Will I Have to Take Before, During and After Hardwood Floor Restoration?

  • Move all furniture and valuables out of the room(s) being treated.
  • Block off all air vents and doorways to prevent unwanted dust from invading spaces and ductwork.
  • Be prepared for lots of dust once sanding begins.
  • Ventilate the house while the coats of polyurethane are applied (some homeowners leave their house during this process to avoid inhaling the toxins and fumes).
  • Do not walk on the floors for at least 48 hours while they cure.

You should schedule a consultation with a hardwood flooring refinisher if you’re unsure of whether your flooring can be refinished. If your wood floor has endured substantial damage or wear, you may want to consider a full replacement.

What Types of Damage Justifies Hardwood Floor Replacement?

  • Extreme wear – If you aren’t sure of the number of times your hardwood floors have been sanded and restored (which is common if the home has had several previous owners before you), it may be time for a complete flooring replacement. A telltale sign that hardwood floors can no longer be refinished is if the nails and grooves in the planks start to show.
  • Severe damage – If a substantial amount of your hardwood flooring is severely damaged, it could be more cost-effective to replace the flooring altogether. Severe flooring damage includes stains, chipping, warping, termite infestation or water exposure. Before replacing any water-damaged floor, be sure to correct whatever issue caused the floor to be exposed to water/moisture.
  • Movement – Hardwood floors can expand in summer months and contract in winter months. While this is completely normal, it can cause gaps to form between planks. If the floor has gaps that are too large to fill, it may be time to replace your hardwood flooring.
  • Structural damage – This is one of the leading reasons homeowners replace their hardwood flooring. Structural damage occurs when the subfloor (the material beneath the hardwood) becomes damaged by things like water leaks, termites or accumulated rot. Structural damage is often accompanied by musty odors, sagging and squeaking.

Why Should You Ditch Your Hardwood for Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)?

If you decide to replace your hardwood flooring, a great alternative to investing in another expensive hardwood floor is luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Many homeowners choose LVP for their home renovation projects because it’s a cost-effective and energy-efficient option that maintains the aesthetic appearance of wood.

People considering hardwood floors should give serious thought to some of the disadvantages. Being able to mop your floors can be a relief, especially if you have pets or kids and spills are common. It doesn’t take long for puddles or moisture to cause serious damage to hardwood flooring, which can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to repair. Replacing individual planks isn’t always possible since you might not be able to find the same plank batch or a color and grain match. In that situation, your only option may be to replace all your flooring.

Luxury vinyl plank from Metroflor is highly resistant to water damage. Many of our luxury vinyl plank styles come with powerful surface protectants that repel stains. You can easily mop LVP without ever worrying about water damage.

Hardwood floor refinishing is also a hugely messy and inconvenient process. The dust from hardwood floor refinishing can release irritants into the air. It’s also incredibly difficult to clean if refinished rooms aren’t adequately sealed. Even if they are, you’ll probably be discovering new patches of dust from your refinishing project months after it’s complete.

Luxury vinyl plank boasts the same aesthetic beauty as hardwood but with none of those disadvantages. And they’ll never need to be refinished.

Upgrade Your Hardwood with Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Metroflor helps home and business owners revamp their spaces with high-quality flooring options like luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Not only have LVT and LVP become a preferred choice over natural stone and hardwood floors, but they come in an array of colors and unique patterns to match your aesthetic preferences.

Find your perfect flooring match today and browse Metroflor’s luxury vinyl flooring products.

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