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New Video Series! | Meet The LVT Specialists

Meet the LVT Specialists We've launched an exciting new video series called “Meet the LVT Specialists”! As the name suggests, this video series is an introduction to the LVT (luxury vinyl tile) experts here at Metroflor and will give you an inside look into what makes Metroflor the leaders of the LVT industry. To kick things off, we are pleased to introduce a few key leaders here at Metroflor:

Harlan Stone—Owner/CFO Metroflor Corporation

Harlan Stone, co-owner and chief financial officer of Metroflor, says that the key to innovation is a willingness to fail. “To really be innovative, you have to be willing to disrupt,” he said. “You have to be willing to take risks on things that are unproven.” Although Harlan credits his entrepreneurial talents to his father, Norman, it was his mother who sparked his passion for art. “She really introduced me to museums and gave me an appreciation of the visual arts,” Harlan said. This deep appreciation of art and willingness to take risks has helped solidify Metroflor’s reputation as pioneers in the LVT industry. It’s a philosophy that is shared by the entire Metroflor staff. “We know it, we breathe it, and it is who we are,” Harlan said. “Everybody that we bring into this company brings with them some part of what makes us the LVT specialists.” You can check out the entire video here:

Robert Langstaff—Director of Design Metroflor Corporation

As the Director of Design at Metroflor, Robert Langstaff oversees all development for Metroflor and contract brand Aspecta. His artistic talents and vision have helped Metroflor stay ahead of the latest trends in color and design. “My background is actually painting and sculpture, but I was also involved in product design,” said Robert. Robert said that choosing the best designs and colors for Metroflor is often a matter of anticipating new trends and paying close attention to what consumers want. “We have a really broad range of indicators that we use to track what’s happening in color and design so that we’re always ahead of the curve, so to speak,” he said. Robert’s artistic talents combined with his previous LVT experience has been critical to Metroflor’s growth in the last year. “[Metroflor] is an example of what hard work, providing the right product, and doing the right thing makes to a company,” said Robert. “I can truly say that we are the LVT specialists.” To hear more from Robert Langstaff, check out the video below:

Rochelle Routman - Chief Sustainability Officer

The Sustainability Team at Metroflor is led by Chief Sustainability Officer, Rochelle Routman. Rochelle joined the Metroflor team is 2016 and has quickly positioned herself as a highly respected thought leader in the flooring industry. Rochelle was drawn to join our team because of the opportunity to make sustainability the idea upon which all else at Metroflor is built. At Metroflor, sustainability is not a side project. Instead, our sustainability initiatives play a leading role is every decision made in regards to product development, product testing, and product compliance. "We do things that are not required by the law. We do them to be a good citizen, and to help our employees, and to help people all over the world," said Rochelle. Hear more from Rochelle Routman, the one and only LVT Sustainability Specialist, by clicking on the video below: Stay Tuned For More! We will be featuring more of our LVT specialists on the Metroflor blog so that our readers can get to know the talented individuals behind the Metroflor brand.
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