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Aug 24, 2018

Mollie Graybeal TransFLORmation | Metroflor Engage Genesis Reivews

When Mollie Graybeal was searching for the right flooring for her women’s clothing boutique, Yankee Julep, she knew just what she wanted. She needed something sophisticated but with Southern charm, “a downhome, comfortable, but very polished and poised look.” She found it in Metroflor Engage Genesis in the color ash. Graybeal calls it “gorgeous” with “just the right amount of brown” and couldn’t be happier with its long-term performance. As a third generation home interiors business owner, she knew that Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Tile would be the right combination of attractiveness and practicality. Beyond the beautiful appearance, Metroflor LVT is waterproof, durable and easy to maintain. “If I have another tenant that has a sink that leaks and it is not addressed and I don’t find out, I still have a product that’s gonna give me a little extra protection,” she says. Metroflor LVT is also easy to install, which made the process of setting up shop a breeze. “My installer loves the tongue and groove and how the lips join together very easily. A couple good hits with a mallet and you’re moving on,” Graybeal says. The second phase of installation was a bit trickier. Yankee Julep was expanding while still being open for business. But Graybeal was again impressed. “The ease and simplicity [of Metroflor LVT] made it so simple, because we could install half the room ... and slide the clothing racks down the room and continue on our way.” Graybeal is happy to report that she has seen zero wear-and-tear on the Metroflor flooring, despite having a very popular, high-traffic store. “No staining, no traffic patterns,” she says. Plus, the pricing is accessible for business owners like Graybeal. “I believe it in 100 percent,” Graybeal continues. “As a retailer, a salesman, and a consumer, it’s just top-notch. You really can’t go wrong with it.” Hear more about how Mollie's journey in selecting and working with Metroflor in this unique interview:

More Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews to Come!

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