Benefits of LVT in Office Space

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Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Business with Luxury Vinyl Tile


Flooring – an integral part of your business’s aesthetic – can say a lot about the operation you run. Dirty, chipped and run-down flooring isn’t going to leave customers with the impression you want to convey.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the type of flooring you install – wood, tile, laminate, carpet and vinyl flooring are available in hundreds of styles and colors. One of those options – vinyl – offers more flexibility than the rest. Specifically, luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Wood flooring and designer tile options are pricey and come with their own share of drawbacks. Sure, wood is a classy option, but the upkeep can be intense, and refinishing is a messy job that will inevitably disrupt your operations.

Luxury vinyl tile exudes the beautiful hardwood or tile aesthetic without the durability drawbacks or the expensive, time-consuming maintenance hassles.

Metroflor’s Déjà line of LVT is available in an array of natural wood designs and a variety of fashions, from the organic reclaimed-wood appeal of Déjà New Coastal Oak to the tidy, fresh appearance of Déjà New Clean Oak to the rich, lived-in look of Studio Plus Plank.

If tile and stone are more your speed, Metroflor also offers Savanna Tile, Déjà New Smooth Concrete and Studio Plus Tile, all of which provide a natural stone appearance without the cost hurdles or the chipping hazards of tile flooring.

Your options with LVT are virtually endless. Even if you’re looking for something nondescript and abstract and are leaning towards carpet, Metroflor’s LVT can provide a superior flooring solution. Just check out Déjà New Belgium Weave, which offers a textile-like pattern without the drawbacks of carpeting.

The Environmentally Conscious and Safe Choice for Beautiful Flooring

Most people, and businesses, want to do their part to contribute to a more sustainable world. They also want to ensure the health of their customers and employees isn’t being put at risk by potentially unsafe building materials. Metroflor understands how building, decorating and furnishing your commercial properties can have a significant impact on the environment and even the health of people working and living in a property.

Metroflor has taken many steps to ensure their LVT products are part of the solution. Their dedication to sustainability is demonstrated in their own buildings. Metroflor built Georgia’s tenth LEED Platinum-certified building to house their customer support center.

Metroflor also recycles their own flooring material when possible to manufacture new products, and they carefully source recycled materials to ensure they maintain quality and safety. Their due diligence in avoiding the use of wire sheathing and other materials containing high levels of heavy metals and phthalate plasticizers keeps their flooring safe while also minimizing the company’s carbon footprint.

In addition to manufacturing environmentally conscious flooring in their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified facilities, Metroflor’s LVT and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) also helps maintain indoor air quality. Metroflor’s products are FloorScore® certified, meaning they meet or exceed California’s stringent low-VOC requirements.

Metroflor’s flooring qualifies for a variety of environmentally and health-conscious building programs, including the:

  • U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System
  • Collaboration for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
  • Green Guide for Health Care

Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Easy and Affordable to Install

Metroflor LVT and LVP are dryback flooring product designed to be installed using the full-spread professional installation method. It can be installed on a variety of substrates, including prepared concrete, suspended wood, metal and more.

Great Warranties

Installing new flooring isn’t something businesses do on a whim; it’s a significant investment. You understandably want some assurance that you’re getting a quality product. Comprehensive warranties are just about the best possible statement of faith a manufacturer can offer.

Metroflor is confident in the quality of their products and they want you to feel secure in your investment in their flooring. That’s why Metroflor’s warranties guarantee all flooring products will be free of defects and will not fade, stain or wear for a specified length of time (up to 15 years for many commercial lines) from the date of purchase.

As long as proper maintenance guidelines are followed, you can trust your floor will look great and exceed your expectations or Metroflor will replace it at no cost to you.

Get the Most from Your Flooring with LVT

If you’re shopping for flooring that will reflect well on your business – from an aesthetic, sustainability and safety standpoint – you really can’t go wrong with luxury vinyl tile. You can learn more about Metroflor and the products they offer by visiting their website or by contacting their flooring experts today.

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