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Can I Install Rigid Core Flooring Directly Over Ceramic Tile?


If you’re thinking about giving your floors a makeover, you may wonder if you really need to tear up your existing floor before installing new flooring. Can rigid core waterproof floors like SPC and WPC be installed over an existing installed floor?

Yes, you can install rigid core SPC and WPC waterproof floors over some types of existing flooring, including ceramic tile. Manufacturer’s may have different requirements over the types of floors that can be installed over with SPC or WPC, so be sure and check the manufacturer’s installation requirements before you install.

This feature of rigid core flooring makes it particularly attractive for homeowners and businesses with dated or worn ceramic tile flooring.

The process of ceramic tile removal is particularly arduous. Removing tile will inevitably lead to a significant mess and a thick coating of silica dust over every uncovered surface throughout a home or business.

Most people are better off hiring flooring or junk removal professionals with experience tearing out ceramic tile. They should already have the necessary gear to perform the job safely while minimizing the mess. Unfortunately, this generally leads to high tile tear-out costs.

In addition to the inconvenience and expense of ceramic tile removal, it’s also particularly bad for the environment and it can necessitate high disposal fees. Since landfill costs are often calculated based on weight, and ceramic tile is a particularly heavy flooring material, you may be charged a significant sum simply to dispose of your ceramic flooring waste.

Is There a Lot of Prep Required to Install Rigid Core Flooring Over Ceramic Tile?

In many cases there’s little to no prep needed to install rigid core flooring over ceramic tile as long as the existing floor meets the manufacturers subfloor requirments for level and flatness. If the tile has shallow grout lines you likely will not need to fill them in before placement. Some manufacturers may differentiate between residential and commercial installations over ceramic and in commercial installations may require the groutlines to be filled. Always check with the manufacturer to be sure. It should be clearly stated in the manufacturer’s installation manual.

If little to no patch leveling is required, the most labor-intensive prep process will likely be removing baseboards and adjusting the height of door jambs so there’s clearance for the vinyl floor to slide underneath them.

The process is relatively quick and easy. Using a piece of the luxury vinyl flooring, measure the necessary clearance on the door jab and then cut out the space using a multitool or saw.

Which Substrates Are Not Suitable for Rigid Core Flooring Overlay?

Rigid core luxury vinyl can’t be installed over every type of flooring. If you have any of the following floors, you’ll need to remove them, along with any adhesives, before installing your vinyl flooring product:

  • Parquet over concrete
  • Solid or engineered hardwood over concrete
  • Cushion back sheet vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Floating floors
  • Sleeper substrates

Explore Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Plank (LVP) from Metroflor

Thinking about upgrading your floor? Whether it’s rigid core SPC and WPC waterproof floor or traditional glue down LVT/LVP, our high-quality vinyl floors come in a diverse array of colors and styles and are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Metroflor products are high performing floors and are resistant to water damage, are easy to care for and accurately emulate a variety of natural materials, like wood or stone, without the added cost or the felling or quarrying of these natural resources.

As a global manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring, Metroflor strives to offer quality flooring products. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or office floor, we have a diverse range of brands, styles and installation methods to meet your needs.

To learn more about Metroflor products, browse our website or contact a dealer near you.

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