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Jul 25, 2022 | Design Trends

Behind The Future Roots Interior Design Trend


The New Art Nouveau?

Future Roots is an emerging interior design trend that will likely reach maturity in the latter half of the 2020s. The trend is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners and renters interested in nature-inspired themes that provide a calming effect and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Modern design is a key driver in the Future Roots trend. People interested in living in a Future Roots-inspired home are often drawn to and influenced by unique spaces, furniture, patterns and art designed by experimental architects, artists and designers.

The Future Roots trend draws plenty of inspiration from Art Nouveau—a 19th century international style of art and architecture characterized by a fluid and organic aesthetic with modern lines and patterns resembling the stems and blossoms of plants. You can think of Art Nouveau (and Future Roots) as the opposite of the straight and harsh lines that are so prevalent in other architectural styles.

If you’re looking to create a “cave-like” interior rich in nature motifs and experimental designs, consider exploring the Future Roots style.

Creating a Future Roots Home

Whether you live in a spacious home or small apartment, you can create your calm and safe oasis by incorporating a variety of natural and organic elements into your rooms.

Inspired by The Natural World

Future Roots is all about incorporating natural elements to create a cocoon of safety and warmth. Whether it’s a sofa, a table or a window frame, its shape should be fluid and organic. Other characteristics include curving lines, round arches and intricate designs.

Wall art and other decorative items should also correspond to natural elements and include motifs like leaves, flowers, vines, animals and insects.

Natural Wood

Another way to create a Future Roots design is through natural wood. Not only is wood an organic material, it’s also durable and exceptionally beautiful compared to cold manufactured materials. Luxury vinyl plank is an exceptional alternative to pricey hardwood floors for people who seek the organic appearance of hardwood without the expense or hassle of the real thing.

If you cannot afford brand-new wood furniture, consider buying used wooden items from thrift stores, garage sales or second-hand websites and refinishing them according to your home’s design.

Plants and Flowers

Bring nature into your space by adding natural plants and flowers. Do you enjoy taking hot showers? Consider hanging eucalyptus leaves in your shower, which will add a little bit of greenery to your bathroom. There’s also a practical aspect of hanging a eucalyptus bundle in your shower—the steam releases essential oils that can alleviate nasal congestion and promote relaxation. You can also decorate your rooms with potted plants, seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers in the summer, and even low-maintenance cacti.

Natural-Looking Floors

A Future Roots design calls for a natural-looking floor. While a hardwood floor can embody the beauty and intricacy of nature, it’s not the most practical choice for many homeowners. Hardwood floors are known to be vulnerable to damage from spills and humidity.

Fortunately, there are several natural-looking alternatives to hardwood floors. For a peek into the Future Roots of flooring, Metroflor Director of Design Natalia Smith is developing two exciting LVP designs firmly rooted this budding trend: Organic Walnut and Artistic Maple. Both designs consist of sinuous lines, soft strokes and organic movement characteristic of the future roots style.


One of the less obvious ways to bring natural elements into your home is by installing skylights. Unless your home has big windows, you may want to invest in skylights which will bring an abundance of natural sunlight into your spaces.

Installing an operable skylight in your bathroom can also release steam and fill your space with natural light without having to sacrifice privacy. You’ll also get to enjoy natural views, like a starry night or a dramatic rainstorm from the comfort of your bedroom.

Go Behind the Design of the Future Roots Interior Design Trend

In the video below, the aforementioned Natalia Smith explores what’s in store for interior design in the next 5-10 years with a deeper dive into the Future Roots trend.

Invest in High Quality Flooring from Metroflor

Whether you’re inspired by futuristic, contemporary or traditional interior designs, you can find the perfect floor to match your vision by exploring Metroflor’s diverse collection of flooring solutions. We offer durable and waterproof residential and commercial floors that successfully mimic natural materials and are easy to install.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, send us a message or reach out to a dealer near you.

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