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Aug 01, 2022 | Design Trends

Behind the Calm Comfort Interior Design Trend


The Aesthetics of Less is More

Evolved from the minimalism of Scandinavian design, Calm Comfort is an interior design trend focused on monochromatic, neutralized spaces with a hint of texture to add visual interest. While it borrows from the minimalistic approach, it is naturally more open-minded in the sense that designers are free to add complexity to the space rather than leaning heavily on simplicity.

Scandinavian design is known for its straight lines and modern aesthetic, which can feel insincere and boring to some homeowners. Calm Comfort interiors are a balance between clean and comfortable, incorporating earth tones and natural elements into the space to warm things up.

Essential Calm Comfort Design Elements

More and more, people are searching for ways to simplify and declutter for the betterment of their everyday lives. The number one way to clear space both mentally and physically is by starting in your home.

Calm Comfort promotes minimalism and getting rid of clutter so you can regain your space without depriving yourself of necessary items that bring you respite after a long day. To achieve a balanced Calm Comfort aesthetic, take note of these essential design elements:

  • Lighter wood
  • Relaxing colors (greens and blues)
  • Earthy accents
  • Muted, clean flooring
  • Natural fabrics and materials
  • Washed, even tones
  • Minimal artwork
  • Rich textures
  • Creamy paint colors

What Is the Secret to Creating a Calming Space?

Calm Comfort embraces our need for well-being, bringing the elements of nature into the home to create a calming oasis in the comfort of our living rooms or bedrooms. It focuses on the need for healing environments by accentuating natural light and showcasing texture — both important for calming the mind.

There are a number of ways you can bring tranquility into your home:

  1. Handmade products
  2. Bright, cheery plants
  3. Art prints
  4. Comfortable sofas
  5. Tapestries
  6. Modern floor lamps
  7. Throws or blankets
  8. Sound machines
  9. Indoor water features

How Important is Flooring in Calm Comfort Interior?

The right flooring for a minimal space should ideally possesses an earthy subtlety that gracefully complements the overall design aesthetic. While it may not be the focal point of a room, it is one design element that brings cohesion and oneness to the space.

When thinking about the look and feel of your Calm Comfort interior, it’s important to consider the flooring and which type would breathe life and tranquility into your design.

Here at Metroflor, we have two flooring styles designed to instill an organic look and feel to complete your Calm Comfort interior. New designs inspired by the Calm Comfort trend are Calm Oak, a very smooth, low-contrast look, and French Oak, a sophisticated look inspired by European elegance and low-contrast color play.

Go Behind the Design of the Calm Comfort Interior Design Trend

In the video below, Natalia Smith, Metroflor Director of Design, takes you behind the design of the Calm Comfort trend. Natalia draws on her expertise in interior design and, more recently, surface design to explore how this trend is influencing the floors she’s designing at Metroflor.

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Complete Your Calm Comfort Design with Metroflor

Create the Calm Comfort interior you’ve always dreamed of without the upkeep of traditional hardwood floors by incorporating Metroflor’s luxury vinyl plank. Luxury vinyl is the modern way to do flooring and it’s what many homeowners are choosing for their flooring installs or renovations.

Metroflor is here to help you bring your interior visions to life. Explore our products today.

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