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Why Is LVT Flooring the Best Option for My New Business?


Your choice of commercial flooring is more important than you may realize. Here’s why:

  • Your flooring is an important part of your interior décor, many times it’s the first thing a customer see when they enter your business.
  • Flooring can tell customers about a business and what they value
  • The cost of commercial flooring varies dramatically
  • Some flooring types are easier to clean and maintain
  • The ease of installation or replacement may be an important factor to consider
  • Finding the right balance of beauty, durability, longevity and affordability is likely important for your startup budget

The unique characteristics of luxury vinyl tile and plank make it an ideal choice for many businesses. It offers the ideal blend of attractiveness, affordability, minimal maintenance requirements and durability.

Luxury Vinyl Is Great for Food Service and Retail Businesses

If you’re opening a new retail or food service business, it’s important to have flooring that can:

  • Handle your projected traffic volume
  • Be easily cleaned
  • Stand up to spills

The ability to easily clean and maintain luxury vinyl flooring is a huge benefit in any environment where spills may occur. Hallways and entryways, where traffic is heaviest, can be maintained without the need for polishes or waxes.

Luxury vinyl accurately mimics much more expensive natural flooring materials, like stone or wood, leaving trees and stone in nature where they are happiest. And the fact that they look good (i.e. real) can leave a good impression on customers.

Although your flooring likely won’t be the biggest factor influencing your customers’ opinions about your business, it will play an important role in your décor. A dingy store or restaurant with old, dirty flooring may negatively impact customer perceptions.

Luxury vinyl flooring boasts an array of characteristics that make it ideal for retail and food service businesses. They feature optimal wear layer thickness, great warranties and a tough surface protectant that makes them long-lasting and easy to clean.

Luxury Vinyl Is One of the Best Flooring Materials for Doctor Offices

Medical professionals generally want flooring that’s calming, beautiful and easy to maintain. Old commercial carpet squares or scuffed and chipped tiles might negatively influence patient opinions of your practice.

Luxury vinyl tile looks expensive without being nearly as costly as natural luxury flooring materials. It’s also much easier to clean than some of those materials due to its construction and special surface protectant finishes.

Rigid core LVT and LVP treated with antimicrobials like UltraFresh inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, and prevent the odors and stains that can result. In any environment where cleanliness is vital, luxury vinyl offers unparalleled flooring performance.

Offices of All Types

Even if your business rarely hosts customers, your choice of flooring is still an important one. Your employees deserve a comfortable, attractive place to work. When prospective hires visit for their interviews, they’ll be closely examining the atmosphere and environment you cultivate on your premises.

Luxury vinyl flooring is beautiful, clean and inviting. It allows you to cultivate a sleek, modern aesthetic or embrace something more rustic, elegant or classical.

Attraxion Magnetic Flooring Can Revolutionize Your Approach to Flooring

Magnetic attachment technology gives businesses an extraordinary amount of freedom and flexibility to modify or change out their flooring. Do you need different flooring for different seasons? There’s virtually no other flooring option that lets you easily switch out flooring to meet the changing needs of your business or your personal design preferences.

The magnetized Attraxion underlayment only needs to be installed once. Browse our Déjà New with Attraxion flooring to learn more about this beautiful, durable approach to commercial flooring.

Make Your Commercial Flooring Unique with Metroforms

Metroforms from Metroflor gives businesses the chance to design unique, eye-catching patterns easily. Leverage vibrant colors and the ease of magnetic flooring to make your business stand out. Best of all, Metroforms is extraordinarily affordable compared to mosaic tilework.

We encourage business owners to experiment with our Metroforms Sketchbox Designer to discover how easy it can be to create a truly unique and creative flooring aesthetic.

More Than Just Pretty Designs

Many businesses need flooring decals for messaging, wayfinding or customer spacing. Metroforms can be used in place of or in conjunction with decals to communicate necessary information to visitors in a beautiful, effective way.

Safe for Your Customers, Employees and the Environment

If sustainability and indoor air quality are important to your business, you can’t go wrong with Metroflor’s luxury vinyl flooring. The luxury vinyl products manufactured by Metroflor FloorScore certified ensuring minimal VOCs, are formaldehyde and phthalate free, and contain no heavy metals.

Business owners who want to create a safe environment for employees and customers can rest easy knowing their Metroflor luxury vinyl flooring is part of the solution.

Find Out Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Right for Your New or Existing Business

Browse our many commercial flooring solutions to discover why so many business owners choose Metroflor LVT and LVP when they shop for flooring.

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