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Aug 18, 2020 | News & Events

What Makes LVT and LVP from Metroflor a Better Option Than Stone or Hardwood?


Choosing among the dozens of big-name flooring distributors and the hundreds of flooring product options available can be an overwhelming undertaking.

We’ve tried to make the decision a bit easier by breaking down the many advantages of installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl planks (LVP) in your home or office.

1. The variety of LVT and LVP installation options makes it a malleable solution that can work for nearly every flooring application need.

Luxury vinyl tile and planks are often much easier to work with and install than more expensive alternatives.

Some of our brands are available with “floating-floor” installation options, which are not nailed or fastened to the substrate (the layer below your flooring). Floating floor planks or tiles simply click into one another to create a solid surface.

Hardwood flooring and natural stone tile flooring aren’t just more expensive due to the higher cost of the materials. Both of those flooring options require significantly more labor to install.

Floating floors don’t require the labor-intensive cutting, nailing, mortaring and grouting that may be necessary to complete wood or tile flooring installation.

2. LVT and LVP flooring options are easy to maintain.

Luxury vinyl flooring is formulated to provide the optimal durability, resilience and flexibility one would hope for in a long-lasting flooring product. Unlike hardwood or natural stone, the long-term and short-term maintenance of LVT and LVP is extremely simpleno waxing, polishing or any other type of special care is required.

Some brands we offer, like Engage Genesis, are also 100 percent waterproof. Materials like wood, on the other hand, can be easily damaged by water, even after short-term exposure. If a household has pets or kids that are prone to accidents or spills, the choice is obvious.

Luxury vinyl’s natural resilience to water damage, mold growth and mildew is also one of the main reasons the material is so popular in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

3. All Metroflor LVT and LVP products contribute to positive indoor air quality.

FloorScore® is an indoor air quality standard developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute. Flooring materials and installation products must pass rigorous volatile organic compounds emission testing before they are awarded FloorScore certification. All of our brands and flooring and installation materials, from floating floor tiles to our magnetic attachment installation systems, are FloorScore certified.

Families who choose Metroflor can breathe a little easier—literally and figuratively—knowing their choice of flooring is the healthier option for their home.

4. It’s more cost-effective than the aforementioned options and it looks just as great.

Appearance and price are often the biggest factors driving a property owner’s flooring decision, especially when you’re estimating the cost for a large space. It’s nice to have options like luxury vinyl tile or planks to cover your home or office space without destroying your budget.

Metroflor has a variety of tile and plank designs for you to choose that will visually complement any room, space or décor. What’s more, our flooring’s transparent wear layer helps prevent scratching, scuffing and other abrasions, allowing your floor to maintain its fresh appearance for longer and bolstering long-term durability.

5. We have made it part of our business model to focus on sustainability.

As a business we are devoted to sustainability and maintaining safe working conditions for all of our employees, including in our production centers world-wide. We pride ourselves on the transparency we afford our customers because we believe they have a right to know how their products are made, what they are made of and where they come from.

In addition to having our products FloorScore® certified, we also participate in the Declare® transparency program.

As part of the Declare® program, organized by the International Living Future Institute, we’ve volunteered answers to the following questions:

  1. Where do our products come from?
  2. What is our luxury vinyl flooring made of?
  3. What happens to the LVT and LVP at the end of its life?

You can see Declare®’s Metroflor reports by visiting their website, navigating to “Manufacturers” and choosing Metroflor from the menu.

Get High-Quality Flooring From a Company that Cares About Quality, Its Customers and the Future

Luxury vinyl tile and plank’s attributes speak for themselves.

  • The diversity of installation options means it can be installed on nearly every conceivable substrate in applications ranging from retail and education to health care and residential.
  • LVT and LVP accurately mimics the appearance of luxury flooring materials at a fraction of the price.
  • It’s extremely durable and can withstand harsh environments other flooring materials simply can’t weather.
  • And our LVT and LVP is made by a company that stands behind their products and is dedicated to doing what’s right by the environment, their customers and employees.

You can learn more about our products here. If you are ready to speak with an installation expert, we encourage you to visit our website to find a flooring dealer near you.

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