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Sep 15, 2022

What Is the Most Durable Flooring for a Home Kitchen?


If you’re comparing different materials in your search for the most durable kitchen flooring, luxury vinyl will likely be the clear winner.

Your kitchen is one of the highest-traffic areas in your home. Cooking, baking and doing dishes, as well as dining and congregating with family and friends, all happens in this space. As a result, kitchen floors are forced to endure countless footsteps, muddy shoes (and paws), dirt and moisture from spills, all of which may shorten your floor’s lifespan and cause it to look worn down.

If you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen floor, you’re probably looking for a durable and lasting flooring solution that can withstand high traffic while adding beauty and charm to your kitchen space.

Although there are numerous types of floors to choose from, luxury vinyl flooring boasts the perfect balance of impeccable durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty that makes it the ideal flooring for kitchens.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl has become one of the most popular flooring choices among home and business owners. The flexible, traditional glue-down LVT/LVP (Luxury Vinyl Tile/Luxury Vinyl Plank) continues to be a popular vinyl flooring choice, but in recent years, rigid waterproof vinyl floors called SPC and WPC, have be gaining popularity with consumers because they are waterproof, easy to install, and hide minor subfloor imperfections.

Rigid core waterproof luxury vinyl floors are generally sold as either tiles or planks. The tile or plank format adds a degree of realism which lower-quality vinyl and laminate flooring can’t replicate. Rigid waterproof floors consist of several layers of high-quality material, including, from top to bottom:

  • A clear vinyl wear layer to protect the design layer coated with a high performance finish that protects against stains, scuffs, and abrasions.
  • An high resolution design layer that replicates a wood or stone floor
  • A rigid core that provides the structure for the floor
  • Pre-attached underlayment to make the floor comfort underfoot and improved sound absorption

Both rigid core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile floors come in an abundance of patterns, colors and designs to complement whatever aesthetic you wish to incorporate in your kitchen and home.

Why Is Rigid Core Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring the Best Solution for Your Home Kitchen?

It Is Waterproof!

Rigid core waterproof floors are, just like the name says, waterproof. These floors are made to be installed using a locking profile milled onto the ends and edges of the planks or tiles. Since there is not adhesive used to install these floors, they are essentially waterproof and are less likely to be subject to any damage from prolonged exposure to moisture and spills, making it the perfect option not only for your kitchen but also other rooms in your home that are frequently subjected to high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms, basements, mud rooms and laundry rooms.

Resilience and Comfort Underfoot

Unlike traditional glue down luxury vinyl, rigid core waterproof luxury vinyl is typically backed with pre-attached cushion that provides an added degree of comfort underfoot. This is especially important in kitchens where the majority of time in the room is spent on your feet. Having some additional cushion under the floor can help reduce foot fatigue and stress on the lower back.

Mimics Natural Materials

Many homeowners are attracted to natural materials like hardwood or stone because of their aesthetic beauty. However, wood floors can be difficult to clean, easily damaged by spills, and require periodic refinishing. You can recreate the natural and sophisticated aesthetics of hardwood floors without the fragility or maintenance hassles of wood by installing vinyl plank or tile floors whether they be traditional glue down or rigid core waterproof luxury vinyl.

Luxury vinyl looks so much like natural materials that most people won’t be able to tell it’s vinyl and not wood or stone.

Easy to Maintain

It’s relatively easy to keep your luxury vinyl floor in good shape. Natural hardwood or stone floors require labor-intensive upkeep, like waxing, polishing, refinishing, grout cleaning or sealing. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep your luxury vinyl floor clean and looking like new. Spills can be easily cleaned with a pH-neutral cleaner like Metroflor’s Prevail Ready To Use Neutral Cleaner.


One of luxury vinyl’s strongest selling points is its versatility. Luxury vinyl floors come in a variety of colors and patterns that effectively imitate various natural materials. Whether you’re looking to install luxury vinyl flooring in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, Metroflor offers a diverse collection of styles, color schemes and flooring features for you to explore and choose from.

Find the Perfect Floor for Your Home Kitchen with Flooring Solutions from Metroflor

We offer only the highest quality luxury vinyl flooring solutions. When shopping at Metroflor, you can rest easy knowing your floor was made from environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials that have been tested to ensure they do not emit dangerous VOCs that might negatively impact indoor air quality.

To learn more about our flooring products, browse our website or get in touch with a LVT and LVP flooring dealer near you.

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