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The Versatility of LVT and LVP Flooring


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank (LVP) are extraordinary flooring options in part thanks to their versatility. The diverse array of color, texture and aesthetic style options available make LVT and LVP appropriate for any type of décor, from simple and utilitarian to complex and nuanced.

The various installation options and a unique multilayered vinyl core structure make luxury vinyl an exceptionally sturdy flooring material suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

The topmost wear layer and water-resistant attributes also makes luxury vinyl one of the few flooring materials that performs well in every room of a home or business, from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and dining rooms.

Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Flooring choices are important for every restaurant, whether it’s a fast casual or fine dining establishment.

There’s a lot of diversity in the food service industry. Owners and management may have different style and flooring utility needs in dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bars and waiting areas. Luxury vinyl is one of those rare flooring materials that works equally well in all those places.

Kitchens and employee areas don’t necessarily need the more elegant look of hardwood or natural stone, but they do benefit from a material that’s resistant to stains and can be easily disinfected.

Every restaurant needs flooring that can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned nightly and must be able to stand up to frequent spills of all types. Stain resistance and durability are key in many food preparation areas, and few flooring materials meet the necessary requirements quite like luxury vinyl plank and tile.

Medical Facilities and Retirement Communities

Although medical facilities, retirement communities and eateries have very different business models, they do have some of the same concerns. Flooring materials need to be durable, easily cleaned and disinfected, and be capable of withstanding persistent, sometimes round-the-clock traffic.

The added flooring concern in many medical facilities is the ability to withstand the weight of wheelchairs, gurneys and other rollable equipment on wheels. Not every flooring material and installation method is ideal for the unique weight and strain requirements frequently found in medical facilities. LVT and LVP, especially when installed with the appropriate method, is an ideal material for health care applications.

Luxury vinyl is also one of the cleanest flooring materials. The wear layer and the uniformity of luxury vinyl’s surface prevents bacteria or allergens from taking root.

Luxury vinyl flooring manufactured by Metroflor is also FloorScore certified to ensure it will never contribute to poor indoor air quality.

If you are looking for tough flooring that will help staff members maintain a safe, healthy environment, it’s hard to go wrong with luxury vinyl tile and plank.

Multi-Family Residences and Homes

Luxury vinyl tile and plank is versatile enough for whole-home flooring. Many of the dozens of aesthetic styles look great in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and living rooms. The material has the perfect mix of firmness and give, making LVT and LVP a greater material for bare feet, socks or shoes.

It also lets families get the beautiful appearance of authentic hardwood without any of its struggles. There are no refinishing or strenuous maintenance requirements.

Luxury vinyl offers the tough resilience families with kids and pets want in a flooring. The natural water-resistance of vinyl combined with the unique wear layer prevents scuffs and scrapes as well as staining and water damage.

Installation Versatility

Metroflor LVT and LVP are available with several different installation options. Metroflor Engage Inception and Engage Genesis are glueless floating floor systems featuring intuitive Droplock installation. Metroflor Attraxion is attached through a revolutionary magnetic underlayment that allows home and business owners to pull up and replace flooring based on style or design needs quickly and without a mess.

Metroflor also produces an array of luxury vinyl tile and plank styles that can be installed with Prevail pressure sensitive, wet-set or spray-applied adhesive and epoxy. The installation option that’s best for your needs will depend on application, traffic and the weight requirements you’ll need for a particular room.

The Right Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Needs

The best flooring for spaces in your home or business varies based on use, personal preference, affordability and optimal stability. Luxury vinyl flooring’s unique application flexibility makes it one of the few flooring choices that’s appropriate for nearly every commercial or residential situation.

Home and business owners who choose luxury vinyl don’t have to sacrifice their preferred aesthetic to get functional flooring that has the performance attributes they need.

Browse Metroflor’s many LVT and LVP product lines and installation methods to find the option that’s best for your situation.

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