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Feb 14, 2020 | Magnetic Flooring

The Effects of Foot Traffic on Flooring and Why Magnetic Is Great for Commercial


Flooring’s ability to withstand high volumes of foot traffic varies widely based on a number of factors, including material, installation method, environment and the prevalence of moisture. Not every flooring features a scientifically formulated wear layer or is made from materials designed to withstand daily heavy traffic.

The installation method especially can have a dramatic effect on flooring’s durability and stability. Even the underlayment – or lack thereof – can make a noticeable difference on comfort and durability.

Glue Down Verse Floating Verse Magnetic

Floating floors can be a great option for many homes and areas with light traffic, but there can be drawbacks in high-traffic commercial settings. Glue down floors are generally considered to be more reliable than floating for commercial spaces with high traffic.

Flooring secured to an underlayment also tends to stand up better to heavy items being rolled on wheels – like wheelchairs or gurneys in assisted living or hospital environments – and is more dimple resistant when subjected to the weight of heavy furniture.

Warranties can be another issue – not all floating floors will carry a commercial warranty. At best floating floors often have a light commercial/residential warranty.

Magnetic flooring boasts stability and strength similar to glue down flooring but is far easier to install and replace. Installing magnetic flooring takes a fraction of the manhours compared with glue down installation options, and in some case may be even faster and easier to install than snap/click together/drop and lock/tongue and groove flooring.

Magnetic flooring isn’t floating – it is magnetically secured to the special roll-on underlayment. The underlayment simply needs to be rolled out over the subfloor and cut to the appropriate length. LVT or LVP with a special backing layer is then laid out on the magnetic underlayment. Magnetism does the rest.

LVT and LVP magnetic flooring styles and designs can be switched out by simply peeling up the tiles or planks and laying down new ones.

The ease of installation, longevity, stability, strength and durability makes magnetic flooring a great choice when investing in new flooring for your home or business.

Why Attraxion Magnetic Flooring from Metroflor Is a Gamechanger

Attraxion flooring from Metroflor is really a two-part system – the Magnebuild magnetic underlayment goes down first and then the Attraxion luxury vinyl tile or planks with the ferrite-infused backing goes on top of it. The magnetic properties of the underlayment and the ferrite backing creates a stable magnetic bond that gives you a secure flooring surface.

The benefits of this flooring solution are many:

  • Looks great with realistic wood and stone appearance and authentic textures
  • None of the traditional drawbacks of a stone or hardwood floor
  • No heavy-duty maintenance necessary (no sanding and refinishing or waxing required)
  • FX3 Surface Protectant Treated with Ultra-Fresh to inhibit mold and mildew growth and prevent abrasions and scuffs
  • Warm, comfortable feel underfoot
  • Won’t harbor allergens or dust
  • Highly resistant to cracking, delamination or peeling
  • Exceptionally water resistant, making it great for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements
  • No VACs from potentially toxic adhesives

All the factors that make Attraxion magnetic flooring a great option for homes also make it ideal for restaurants, retail facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and schools. The flooring is especially resilient and holds up to high traffic better than many other traditional flooring materials and installation methods.

Removal and recycling are much easier compared with adhesive-secured flooring options as well. New magnetic-backed flooring can be reapplied in the same, easy fashion without needing to modify or touch up the underlayment. Reapplying glue-down flooring is often a different story, with the subfloor needing to be smoothed out prior to reapplying new adhesive or floating flooring.

Get the Unparalleled Performance of Magnetic Flooring

If you’re ready for beautiful flooring that’s easy to install, easy to replace and capable of standing up to the rigors of high-traffic commercial environments, Attraxion magnetic luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank is an obvious choice. You can learn more about LVT and LVP on our website or by contacting a local supplier near you to browse your options and schedule installation.

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