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The Cost of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation


Many factors can affect the final price of luxury vinyl flooring installation. The type of flooring, square footage and the type of installation will dictate the ultimate cost of a flooring job.

While you can install any type of flooring yourself, many people prefer to hire professionals. The quality of flooring installation will impact the overall look of the flooring, its stability and its longevity. If you’re investing in new flooring, it often makes sense to pay a little extra to make sure it’s installed properly. Even if you intend to install the floor yourself, it’s a good idea to have your retailer come to your house to measure for the amount you need. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of flooring before the installation can be completed.

Why Hiring a Professional to Install Your Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank Is Usually the Right Choice

  • It saves your time
  • Ensures quality installation
  • Helps your floor last longer
  • Provides financial protection if something goes wrong

An expert in flooring will have all the right tools and the experience to ensure your flooring looks good and doesn’t suffer performance issues due to installation mistakes. If a flooring professional makes a mistake, they’ll usually fix it at no extra cost to you. Their reputation is on the line so it’s in their best interest to make things right.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Pricing Breakdown

The national average per square foot cost of luxury vinyl flooring – not including installation costs – is between $2.00 and $7.00, making it one of the more affordable luxury flooring options.

The rather large price range is due to the diverse quality standards of various brands of luxury vinyl flooring as well as differences in price by installation method. Higher-end luxury vinyl flooring products like those sold by Metroflor may end up being on the upper end of that scale, especially when they’re installed with a more labor-intensive method like glue down.

On the other hand, floating floor installations or magnetic installation can be extraordinarily fast and significantly cut down on labor hours required to finish a flooring job. Floating installations don’t require adhesives so there are some savings relative to flexible glue down LVT/P.

Factors that may influence the time required as well as the installed cost of your LVT or LVP include:

  • Whether your flooring contractor will be expected to remove and dispose of your old flooring
  • Whether furniture will need to be removed and put back by the contractor
  • The quality, grade and thickness of the luxury vinyl tile or plank
  • Whether there’s extra work around molding, trim or transitions between rooms
  • The size of the room or the home where the luxury vinyl is being installed
  • Whether the flooring will be installed on stair cases
  • Whether you want any special patterns
  • The amount of sanding, scraping, leveling or floor prep required (Note that less floor prep is required for rigid core LVT and LVP floors like Metroflor’s Inception SPC and Genesis WPC.)

Homeowners can cut down on some of those costs by doing some of the prep work themselves. You can talk with your contractor about things you can do ahead of time to minimize the amount of time it’ll take them to finish your flooring job.

Installation Materials and Tools

The materials and tools used for installation of flooring depends on the type of flooring that you are installing. Metroflor’s luxury vinyl planks and tiles can be installed with several different methods, including glue down, interlocking/floating and magnetic.

It’s important to note that not every Metroflor brand and style can be installed with all of the above methods. Only the Déjà New Attraxion and Metroforms™ are available with magnetic installation. Many

Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Tile styles are specifically designed for installation with Prevail adhesives.

Inception’s DropLock 100 installation method is one of the easiest types of flooring to install. Although it doesn’t need to be glued down at all, and, in industry terms, it’s called a floating installation because it is not permanently attached to the subfloor.

Even with DropLock installation, the substrate still needs to be properly prepared and leveled, which can take time. However, in residential installations, rigid core floating floors like SPC and WPC can be installed over subfloors with minor imperfections and can even be installed over an existing ceramic tile floor without having to fill in the grout lines. This is a big time saver and time equals money.

All Metroflor Inception and Genesis floors come with underlayment attached to each piece, so there is not need to purchase a separate underlayment. Your flooring may also require transition strips where two floors meet. If you are doing flooring for a stairway, you might also need a stair nose to cover the edges of the stairs. If you are using flooring that requires glue, you or your installer will have to purchase adhesive as well.

Labor Costs

Labor can be a significant cost with any flooring job and will vary from region to region. While some gluedown luxury vinyl flooring methods take a bit more time than magnetic or DropLock, they are still much faster than traditional tile or hardwood floor installation. A skilled flooring contractor experienced with Metroflor’s products can make pretty quick work of rooms in your home.

Get a Great Luxury Vinyl Floor for Far Less Than You’d Pay for a Stone Tile or Hardwood Floor

Ease of installation and affordability are just a couple of the ways in which luxury vinyl flooring is a smart alternative to its wood and stone flooring counterparts. You can get the look of hardwood or tile for far less, plus you get all the durability, longevity, comfort and water-resistance benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

Find a Metroflor dealer near you to learn about your installation options and to get a luxury vinyl flooring estimate.

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