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The Basement Dilemma


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If you own a home with a finished basement you’ve probably been confronted with the “Basement Dilemma”- What floor do I install that can withstand potential moisture issues and/or flooding that is common in basements? Vinyl floors often come to mind when thinking of basement flooring because they can be waterproof, as is the case with SPC and WPC rigid core vinyl plank, or water resistant, as is the case with gluedown vinyl plank, aka LVP. If you’re wondering why glue down LVP is only water resistant, it’s because most of the glues used for installation are water-based and will break down when exposed to significant moisture. The plank itself is actually waterproof but the glue is not.

But now there’s another vinyl flooring option that some have referred to as the “perfect basement floor”. It’s actually a vinyl floor that is not installed with glue or a mechanical locking or floating profile, which locks the planks together in what is referred to as a floating installation because it’s not permanently attached to the floor.

The “perfect basement floor” is the best of both of these types of floors. It’s thin, durable, and affordable like gluedown vinyl plank, but it’s also waterproof and easy to install like SPC and WPC waterproof rigid vinyl plank. And unlike these other floor types, it’s super easy to replace planks if you happen to abuse it to that extent. So, what is this new type of floor that’s perfect for a basement? Drum roll please….

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It’s magnetically installed flooring. Metroflor has licensed the technology from Magnetic Building Solutions to create a system for magnetically installing vinyl plank and tile floors called Attraxion™ magnetic attachment technology. The system includes a magnetic underlayment that is rolled out on the subfloor, and a flexible vinyl plank or tile with a ferrite powder bottom layer that is laid on top of the MagneBuild magnetic underlayment.

The horizontal sheer strength of the Attraxion floor is comparable to that of a glued floor, so you can be sure the floor will stay in place. Yet, it can release vertically with little effort resulting in a very easy-to-repair floor. A plank replacement is stupid simple.

Did you know that magnetism repels water? So if a spill seeps under the plank or tile, the magnetic forces of the underlayment will push the water back up through the seams so it can be easily wiped away.

So Attraxion fits into that waterproof category, which is important for a basement floor. Additionally, the magnetic underlayment can be taped at the seams to create a true moisture barrier to protect against moisture that may be coming from the ground or concrete slab.

Attraxion floors can be installed with little or no experience and no special tools. A utility knife, straight edge, and a chalk line are all that is necessary to install Attraxion floors. Here’s a short video on how to install an Attraxion floor.

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So if you are experiencing the basement dilemma, Attraxion maybe just the thing you need and didn’t even know it. While it’s new, it’s tough enough to have been installed commercially in hotels

, retail stores, offices and event spaces, so it can surely withstand anything your basement can dish out. Visit to see the Attraxion products or learn more about the Attraxion technology. It may be the solution to your basement dilemma.

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