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Dec 30, 2016

Steve & Susan Friedman's TransFLORmation Project | Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews

We're back with the second installment of our TransFLORmation Series! Since launching Engage Genesis with ISOCORE Technology in early 2016, the Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews keep coming in and we are excited to share them with our readers. For this TransFLORmation story, we spoke with Steve Friedman of Tri-West Ltd. and his wife, Susan. Thanks to their extensive flooring knowledge, choosing the right flooring for Steve and Susan Friedman wasn’t too difficult. Steve, an employee of Tri-West Ltd. (a distributor of flooring products), knows the best flooring products on the market and works with others in the flooring industry daily. His wife Susan is a designer and no stranger to the flooring world either. Anabolika trenbolon kaufen buy steroid for bodybuilding - permanentshop dianabol for sale topic: buy bodybuilding anabolic steroid, buy hgh injection. Together, the two knew exactly what qualities they were looking for in their bathroom’s new flooring. The only question was what type of flooring would best suit their needs. metroflor engage genesis reviews The Friedman’s had a long list of requirements for their new flooring. One such requirement was that the flooring had to be waterproof. However, a waterproof laminate wasn’t available at the time, and the couple almost went with tile. Fortunately, Engage Genesis was launched before they made their final decision. “When [Engage Genesis] became available, we changed direction and decided to use it because it was waterproof,” said Susan.

Other Reasons For Choosing Metroflor Engage Genesis

Although waterproof flooring was important to the Friedman’s, it wasn’t the only reason they chose Engage Genesis. With dogs in the house, they needed to replace their carpet with something particularly durable. Steve knew that Metroflor’s Engage Genesis 2000 XL line could give them the look of natural wood without the maintenance or durability issues. “Now, the dogs can’t ruin this,” Steve said, “This is less money, but it looks just like wood.” Susan was the one who chose the color—Engage Genesis 2000 XL Mist. Both Steve and Susan said that they were pleased with the results so far. “It’s a lot easier to take care of and it feels really good with bare feet,” Susan said. metroflor engage genesis reviews “It looks great. Lots of raves on it!” Steve added. Steve said that the vast amount of colors and styles is one of the reasons why those at Tri-West Ltd. love Metroflor products—particularly the designers he works with. “Metroflor did it right. They have the top of the line in styles and colors,” Steve said. “Designers love it. They’re good quality products!”

New Year, New Flooring!

As we head into 2017, we are pleased to hear that Steve and Susan are still raving about the final results of their LVT flooring. “It looks great,” Susan said. “I love Metroflor because it’s waterproof in the bathroom and it looks fantastic.” “It looks like real wood,” Steve said. “That’s why I love Metroflor.” Click the video below to get all the details on Steve and Susan's Metroflor Engage Genesis review!
Thanks for sharing your TransFLORmation story with us, Steve and Susan!

Stay Tuned For More Metroflor Engage Genesis Reviews in 2017

We love to hear new Metroflor Engage Genesis reviews and learn more about how our products have transformed the look of our customer’s homes. Have your own TransFLORmation story to share? Let us know by connecting with us on social media. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! If you are looking to transform your own home, visit us at or use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you! See more Metroflor reviews and TransFLORmation videos by visiting the Metroflor YouTube Channel.

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