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Apr 13, 2023

Nature Home Bridges the Gap for Indoor/Outdoor Living


Instead of choosing between fresh air and comfort, you can combine them with the Nature Home design aesthetic. Nature Home’s design goal is to blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors, merging the two concepts into one shared space.

This interior design trend prioritizes giving your home more natural light, fresh air, plants, and raw textures. As Metroflor’s Design Director Natalie Smith puts it: “It’s about trying to live as much as you can outside,” from moving indoor chairs to your patio to decorating your living room with realistic-appearing luxury vinyl plank flooring and wicker chairs or even rocks and branches. You can also install larger windows, a barn door or vertical bifold wall to quite literally take down the wall that separates you from nature.

Biophilic and Nature Home designs are similar concepts as both incorporate the outdoors into your decor. The difference, however, is that Nature Home designs focus on embedding the textures of nature (oak, rattan, wool, etc.) into the fabric (and flooring) of your living space instead of simply adding more plants.

Why Indoor/Outdoor Living is Good for You

Interior designs with a natural focus have been shown to have significant health benefits. Research shows that spending time outdoors fortifies one’s physical and cognitive well-being. Just having a houseplant close by can elevate your concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent – which explains why many office buildings have incorporated nature designs into their workspaces.

It’s a reasonable conclusion that Nature Home design can better your health since it unites the indoors and outdoors into one space. This interior design trend has been shown to reduce stress, fatigue and feelings of isolation while improving people’s moods. Colors reminiscent of nature have also helped people feel less anxious and lower their blood pressure. The benefits of bringing nature inside may even include lowering risks for certain conditions, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Natural interior design can be especially valuable for those working remotely. Since many offices have employed indoor/outdoor living to increase productivity in the office, incorporating organic design elements into your home office may help you stay efficient and motivated.

The benefits of indoor/outdoor living come from not just seeing nature but by being in it. Immersing your home in the outdoors, whether by using natural colors, creating a living wall or decorating with organically shaped and textured furniture, may help you improve your physical and cognitive health. Nature Home design helps you do just that.

Nature Home Designs Can Add to Your Home’s Value

Indoor/outdoor living can benefit your finances as well as your health. Many of today’s house shoppers are looking for homes with open-air living spaces. An attached outdoor area, such as a patio or balcony, can increase your home’s value by almost $20,000. Another primary aspect of Nature Home design, large windows that allow for lots of natural light may be a compelling selling point for real estate agents. Even just adding some plants can improve the air quality of your home and strengthen the appeal to potential buyers.

By incorporating indoor/outdoor living into your residence, you’re investing in your property's present and future, making it more profitable if you ever sell it.

Nature Living Design Trends

There are plenty of ways – big and small – to implement Nature Home design into your decor. From candles and incense with the smell of nature to the lush texture of a moss, hedge or garden living walls, you can enliven any indoor space with outdoor energy.

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