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Mar 23, 2017 | Installation

Metroflor Engage Plank Replacement | Step-by-Step Guide

Stringent testing and rigid quality standards guarantee that Metroflor Engage locking luxury vinyl flooring will bring you years of beautiful service while requiring minimal maintenance. We stand behind the fact that our Engage flooring is one of the most durable floor products you'll find in the marketplace. That being said, unfortunately Metroflor isn't impervious to everything. It will put up its best fight against permanent markers and sharp objects, but there may be times where Engage can't win. We get it! Accidents happen. In the event that you find yourself needing to perform an Engage plank replacement, we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Metroflor Engage Plank Replacement

Regardless of the installation technology of your flooring, the Metroflor Engage plank replacement process is quick and simple.
Step 1: Remove the damaged plank
engage plank replacement First, you'll want to draw a line down the center of the plank. Then draw 45 degree angles from the corners of the plank to the center line - this should form a triangle at each end of the plank. Next, use a heat gun along the center line to warm the plank. Then use a sharp utility knife to cut through the material along the lines that you have marked. Continue heating and cutting the plank. Follow the same process on the corners, but make sure you're careful not to cut or damage the adjacent planks. Once you have done this, remove the two center sections using a small chisel. Lift the first edge and carefully remove the triangles from each end. Finally, remove the lock from the long and small edges of the surrounding planks, being sure to clean up any debris from the area. NOTE: When replacing an Engage plank with the Unifit locking profile, you will also need to remove the exposed Unifit locking strip from the floor.
Step 2: prepare the replacement plank
engage plank replacement Now that you have removed the damage plank, it's time to get the new plank ready to be installed. First, you'll want to remove the lock on the long and short sides with a small chisel - making sure that the lock is completely removed. Next, using a sharp utility knife, cut off the corner where the two grooved edges meet. You will also need to cut the tongue off the long side of the replacement plank. engage plank replacement NOTE: The following step is different for Uniclic and Unfit: For Engage Flooring with Uniclic Technology: In addition to cutting the tongue on the long side of the replacement plank, you will need to cut the tongue on the short side as well. For Engage Flooring with Unifit Technology: Remove the Unifit locking strip from the short side of the replacement plank. Then flip the plank over and remove the lock from the underside of the tongue using a small chisel. Tip: Before placing the glue, it's a good idea to practice inserting the plank!
engage plank replacement The first step of inserting the replacement plank is to prepare its surroundings. Start by applying a scant bead of Prevail™ 30-GS Adhesive to the grooved sides of the surrounding planks. Then apply a scant bead to the grooved sides of the replacement plank. Now, carefully align the cut corner first, then drop the replacement plank into position. Now that the plank is in place, use the Prevail™ Tapping Block on the long and short sides to ease the replacement plank into place. Apply pressure to ensure that the adhesion is good. Finally, remove any excess adhesive immediately by using a small amount of Acetone applied with a clean, white, lint-free cloth. To ensure that the plank dries completely, weigh down the replacement plank with something of medium weight. Violá! Plank replacement completed. For those of you that are visual learners, you'll find a complete video walkthrough of how to successfully perform a Metroflor Engage plank replacement below.
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