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Apr 22, 2023

Attraxion vs. Glue Down Installation Speed


Unless you’ve had flooring installed in recent years, you might not realize that there has been an ongoing shortage of flooring installers. The industry has faced this shortage since 2018 in part due to the toll the intense physical labor has on flooring workers.

Unfortunately, as with countless other areas in manufacturing and production, the COVID-19 pandemic made the situation significantly worse. So much so that we can confidently say the floor installing industry will be short 6,000 installers each year for the next ten years. This situation could mean bad news for your business if you need to renovate your flooring style promptly without interrupting your operational schedule.

In response to this growing issue, we at Metroflor, in partnership with Magnetic Business Solutions, LLC (MBS), have introduced a new flooring method that’s faster and easier on installers: Attraxion.

What is Attraxion?

Attraxion is magnetic attachment technology. While traditional dryback flooring installation involves a glue-down method, Attraxion doesn’t require any adhesive, instead using a magnetic underlayment to secure the planks or tiles in place.

Both the standard glue-down LVT and Attraxion installations guarantee sturdy flooring for your business. Attraxion, in particular, doesn’t require the same physical labor as gluing down each flooring tile or plank. Since you can simply attach each board magnetically, this allows for a quicker and less physically exhaustive installation.

In the words of MBS CEO Scott Humphrey, this technology should allow workers to “install more with less wear and tear on the body so that we can extend the careers of the existing installer base.”

All of this sounds great, but how do you know it’s true? You want the best and most reliable flooring specialist for your business, and we want what’s best for you. The Metroflor team tested our Attraxion technology against the tried-and-true traditional glue-down LVT installation method to see which is more effective.

Which Is Better: Attraxion or Glue-Down LVT Installation?

We arranged a timed installation study in which half of a room would be installed using the traditional glue-down LVT method and the other half would use Attraxion magnetic technologies.

While the glue-down team had to wait for the glue to dry the appropriate amount, the Attraxion team installed continuously without the need to pause. As a result, they had finished their side of the room by the time the glue-down crew was ready to start. Attraxion also doesn’t require any rolling at the end of the process – once it’s connected to the magnetic underlayment it’s secured and sturdy, saving time and energy.

Ultimately, the standard glue-down LVT installation took twice as long as Attraxion’s magnetic installation, clocking in at three hours to the Attraxion team’s hour and a half. Regarding physical strain, the magnetic flooring team reported less pressure on their backs than their glue-down LVT installation counterpart.

If you’re planning to change the flooring style of your building – whether to keep up with seasonality or for maintenance reasons – Metroflor’s Attraxion installation will get the job done faster than ever.

Attraxion may not always be the preferable solution depending on the use case of your property. There may still be scenarios where weight or traffic concerns necessitate other types of flooring installation. Be sure to consult with a flooring specialist about your needs and whether magnetic flooring will work for your project.

Metroflor Offers Top-of-the-Line Business Flooring Materials

Get new flooring installed for your business on your schedule. Whether you choose Attraxion, traditional glue-down, or even waterproof flooring installation, Metroflor has the product that best suits your requirements.

Our flooring options are strong, comfortable and sustainable. We’re proud to say they’re free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Customers can choose and combine any of our 38 colors and 10 pattern options.

You can also create your own flooring design with our Sketchbox™ Designer tool, which allows you to digitally assess how your flooring plan would fit in a room, inform you of the dimensions and materials necessary to recreate your design, and outline the steps involved to order it.

Above all else, we prioritize people – the clients that support our business and our partner contractors whom the industry depends on now more than ever. We have the products and technical support to help you achieve a successful installation. We stand behind our products before, during and after installation. Get reliable flooring materials that will support your business. Select your Attraxion flooring design from Metroflor today and see the difference.

See how other businesses are using Attraxion by taking a look at our Case Studies:

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